one turkey and various side-dishes later….

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and from the blogs and Tweets I’ve read, most of you did.  Thanksgiving in the Finn household was no exception.  We had a small gathering of family over.  My father-in-law, brother-in-law, BIL’s girlfriend who is part of the family, and The Accountant’s grandparents.  It was a food and football filled day.  Yay Titans!

I must brag on The Accountant and his cooking prowess. 

We all know that I am missing the cooking gene, so hubs took it upon himself to cook the entire Thanksgiving meal, by himself.  I was NO help whatsoever.  All I did was bake a cake (from a mix of course) the night before and frost it. 

He did all the grocery shopping, looked up recipes, thawed the turkey, chopped the celery, peeled the taters, etc etc.  He has always been a better cook than me, and seems to enjoy it more than I do as well.  My position is that there is nothing that I can make that will taste any better than something I can purchase at a restaurant or grocery.  And buying it is much less messy and less time consuming for me.  Rachel Ray, I am not nor do I wish to be.

But back to The Accountant. He got up at 4:00 or 5:00, I don’t even know because I was still in bed.  He fed Sam and then got to cookin’ and kept at it until 11:30 when the family arrived and we got to eatin’ the fruits of his hard work.  It was delicious!  Everything tasted wonderful, especially the dressing.  It was the best I’ve ever tasted, no lie. 

Next year, I might make the deviled eggs and bake another cake.  We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “one turkey and various side-dishes later….

  1. Don’t give up on not having a cooking gene. I bet you’ll soon discover one as I did. And I know your cake was thoroughly enjoyed.
    Glad the holiday went well. Remind me to try some Accountant cuisine one of these days.:)

  2. Your sure did, but he is also blessed to have you. It is obvious how much you love and appreciate him.

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