stupid world and tomorrow’s plans

Today was kind of a dud. There was only one other person at work besides me so it was nice and peaceful in ye olde office quarters. I got a few things done and managed to make a trip to Target without getting trampled on or shot. Seriously, what is the deal with crazy people that are so desperate to save a few bucks on the latest toy for their obviously spoiled brat(s) that they will knock people down and WALK ON TOP OF THEM to get it??? I must admit, it’s stories like these that make me want to crawl in bed for days and never come out to deal with the human race. But you can’t live like that can you? I will say, one of the reasons that I used to not want to have children was because I didn’t want to bring them into this crazy messed up world with its evilness and lack of regard for others. I obviously got over that and realize that to think that way will make you a miserable bitter person. And so I just attempt to avoid all the stupid people and only associate with the decent ones. So far its working. I just dread it when/if the stupid people come to me and there is no avoiding them. Like the tragedy in India and so many other situations like that where there is no avoiding being in the wrong place at the wrong time simply because of some idiots with major issues taking it out on other people.  Why can’t they just get a blog and write it out like the rest of us instead of going around killing people who are minding their own business just living their lives?  Eh, this is getting depressing.

How did I get on that tangent? Anyway.

Tomorrow the plan is not to have a plan.  I’ll go pick up some photos but that’s about it. Oh, and prep as much as possible for a trip to the parent’s on Sunday.  Sam and I are taking a day trip to visit my parents and bro and go to my home church.  Hopefully it will go smoothly. 

For now, bedtime.  Goodnight all.

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