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31 Dec
Finnspace It’s 2:39am. Sam just puked all over me. And I felt like sharing that with all of you.


My sick lil’ punkin’.

a vote for # 1 is a vote for uber cuteness!

30 Dec

My friend’s adorable daughter was selected to be in a contest by a local photographer who took photos of her baby girl as a newborn. Go over to the Brown Family blog and read about it, as well as see pics of her cutie pie as she is now.  Then, if you are so inclined, please go to Angela Crutcher’s site and leave a comment for picture #1, my friend’s baby, to help her win the contest!

Now I will warn you, when you get over there you will see 19 other pictures of adorable super squishy huggable kids. But DO NOT BE SWAYED! Because chances are that you do not know any of those kiddos, but by at least six degrees of separation, you do know baby #1! After all, I know her, and you know me, sort of, right? In that bizarre internet blogger friend sort of way at least.

Do it for Finn, do it for my friend, do it for your country, do it for cute babies everywhere! You can vote once per day until 10:00 pm on Jan 3. So go here now and vote vote vote!

Thank you and God bless America.

both icky and nice

28 Dec

Today has been equal parts icky and nice.

The icky parts first…
-We are passing a cold around and it’s my turn to be It. I feel like poo with the typical snottiness, stuffiness, coughiness, achiness, etc. The Accountant is feeling better finally and Sam seems to have dodged the worst of it so I’m thankful for those things. 
-The Titans didn’t bother to show up today and were shut out.
-Tomorrow is Monday so there’s also that. But I won’t be making an appearance at ye olde office if I still feel like this.

The nice part…
-We managed to get the Christmas tree disassembled and packed away yesterday so the house is back to normal for the most part. I’m not one to leave holiday decor up till New Years.
-Sam is being extra sweet today and we took a nice snooze together while Hubs went to work and during the debacle what was the Titans game.
-I just ate a super delicious bowl of leftover chili. A good bowl of chili is good for the soul I always say.

Going to blow my nose.

Can I return this?

27 Dec

It’s not really my size at all, and the color, well, the color is just really not flattering on me. 

This sore throat that I keep dousing with Chloraseptic and the stuffy nose that defies logic and drips at the same time. I’m sure a nasty coughing up of the lungs is around the corner. I do not want any of these items, thank you very much. 

The Accountant got sick a couple of days before Christmas and soldiered through the family gatherings like a trooper.  I’m glad mine waited until after the festivities at least. 


booster baby

26 Dec

I haven’t had a chance to go buy a high chair for Sam yet but I remembered a booster seat I’d put in the closet that we received at a baby shower. We thought we’d try it out today because it is much easier to feed Sam her cereal (which I don’t think is going so well by the way but we’ll get it eventually) if she can sit upright somewhere other than in mommy or daddy’s lap. 

She seemed to like it ok. This was taken before I stuffed rolled up towels on either side of her to keep her from tipping over. Yeah, I’m sure that’s endorsed by the AAP right?


the aftermath

26 Dec

I hope everyone that celebrated Christmas had a great one! Ours was super. Exhausting but super. After the third family gathering Sam was worn out but she has made quite the recovery today and is playing and squealling away. Yesterday we got up early and made it to my parents by 8:00. It was a nice day of food, gifts and catnaps.  Dad went and picked up my grandmother and brought her over for a while so that was an unexpected treat. We headed back in the afternoon and went to my father-in-laws for a bit. Sam was tuckered out by this time and I think she was glad to see her bed after taking naps in so many strange places over the last couple of days.  Or maybe that was me. 

I’m off work today, or maybe I should clarify and say that I took a vacation day that I’m not even sure I have.  I kind of want to go shopping since I have a gift card that is smoldering in my pocket. For some reason I am hankering for some funky rain boots. Maybe it’s the weather but everytime it rains I wish I had a pair to brighten my day. So funky rain boots it is.

I also want to take the tree down. Or rather, I want it to be down but I don’t want to take it down. I’m one of those people the day after Christmas that are completely over all the decorations. Honestly, after New Years I get a bit of the post-holiday depression (self-diagnosed). There’s all the mental build up to the holidays and then after its over, there’s a big letdown.  I don’t know why I get like that but I always have. But I’m sure it doesn’t help that I anticipate it which probably helps bring it on to a great extent.  I shouldn’t dwell on these things. Sheesh. Whatever.

For now I think I’ll go play with a squirming Sam and get the house back in order once and if she takes a nap. Happy Holidays ya’ll!

Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra

24 Dec

Posting may be light here until the holidays are over. Or not. Who knows. But I wanted to stop in on this Christmas Eve and wish all of you the Merriest of Christmases and Happiest of New Years!

We ventured to The Accountant’s grandmothers tonight for Christmas Eve dinner and had a lovely time although Sam had a few fussy spells but overall was good. Tomorrow we head to West TN early in the morning to my parents for our Christmas celebration.  Tonight has been spent wrapping presents and flipping between two of the greatest Christmas movies of all time – A Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Thanks to all of you for reading my drivel and may you all be blessed in the new year!

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