both icky and nice

Today has been equal parts icky and nice. The icky parts first… -We are passing a cold around and it’s my turn to be It. I feel like poo with the typical snottiness, stuffiness, coughiness, achiness, etc. The Accountant is feeling better finally and Sam seems to have dodged the worst of it so I’m thankful for those things.  -The Titans didn’t bother to show … Continue reading both icky and nice

Grandmas are good for a lot of things…

…but engaging in conversations about football is not one of them. The Accountant discovered this when he tried to have a bit of Titans banter with my mom on Sunday at the start of the game. I was in the kitchen but overheard something similar to the following. The Accountant: “I wonder if Haynesworth and Vanden Bosch are there today.” Grandmom: “Who?” The Accountant: “Haynesworth … Continue reading Grandmas are good for a lot of things…

mutter mutter

I’m sitting here halfway watching a muted 30 Rock and staring at the computer screen. Sam has eaten, had her bath and peed on me tonight. So all is well. Hubs has baby duty so I don’t feel an immediate need to go to bed, even though that would probably be the most constructive thing to do right now. I’m feeling a bit down.  And as is … Continue reading mutter mutter


I love this blog. I do. It’s served as a source of entertainment for me for a very long time and a source of info as to what I’m up to for my family and those bored interested enough to read. But sometimes I find it’s not enough. I’m very cautious about what I write here. I try to keep it light and humorous. I guess … Continue reading contained

babysitters are a gift from God

Today was lovely I must say. That thing I’ve heard about how taking a break away from baby makes you a better mommy when you return is so true. Today the fabulous Grandma T came a’calling. She came bearing adorable Christmas gifts for Sam, as well as the coolest thing for us. It was a book, hardcover, with pictures of Sam in it and captions. A … Continue reading babysitters are a gift from God

this is me being vague

Over the past week I’ve started two drafts about a certain topic but I can’t seem to get across what I want to say in the way that I want to say it. Its clear in my head but refuses to come out my fingertips. Frustrating. Maybe I’ll get it out eventually. It’s nothing that will solve the world’s problems or anything, just something I’ve been … Continue reading this is me being vague

girly stuff

I think I might be bored. How do I know this? Because tonight I did something your hairdresser will tell you never to do; I highlighted my own hair. You can’t really tell though because in a fit of panic I rinsed before time was completely up. I could just see me walking around tomorrow with big chunks of white spread unevenly throughout my very dark … Continue reading girly stuff

one day I’m going to go “splat”

Who were the brilliant civil engineers who decided it would be a good idea to build a circular street in which all drivers already within the circle are free to go round and round all day long if they wish, while those trying to merge onto the circle from multiple points on the perimeter must yield?  You know what I’m talking about, that delightful roundabout officially known as “Buddy … Continue reading one day I’m going to go “splat”

double threes

Today I turn 33 years old. It sounds odd to say that number. I can’t decide if that’s old or not. I guess it’s relative. I remember being in my twenties and thinking that 30 was ancient and not being able to imagine being that “old”. My 30th birthday was not a good one for me, mentally. I don’t know why I had such trouble changing decades but … Continue reading double threes

o christmas tree

Written last night….This will be short as I’m exhausted but wanted to post a picture of our Christmas tree that we put up this weekend. We haven’t had one in a few years but I was in the spirit for some reason this year so The Accountant put it up for me and put the lights on and I finished it up. Perhaps I’ll post … Continue reading o christmas tree