o christmas tree

Written last night….This will be short as I’m exhausted but wanted to post a picture of our Christmas tree that we put up this weekend. We haven’t had one in a few years but I was in the spirit for some reason this year so The Accountant put it up for me and put the lights on and I finished it up. Perhaps I’ll post the whole “Finn and the history of her Christmas trees saga” later but for now, here is our glorious artificial tree that really is too big for the room but I had to have the biggest in the store when we bought it several years ago. Guess my eyes were bigger than my dining room.  Or something.


One thought on “o christmas tree

  1. I love Christmas trees. The wife made me take all of our decorations out of the attic last night after the long drive back from Alabama but our tree never saw the light of day. Maybe tonight though. BTW, I understand that birthday wishes are in order. Have a good one.

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