one day I’m going to go “splat”

Who were the brilliant civil engineers who decided it would be a good idea to build a circular street in which all drivers already within the circle are free to go round and round all day long if they wish, while those trying to merge onto the circle from multiple points on the perimeter must yield? 

You know what I’m talking about, that delightful roundabout officially known as “Buddy Killen Circle” over on Music Row. 

And just when the locals get the hang of the proper driving procedure on this potential demolition derby route, some mischeivous character decides to put a gigantic nekkid statue smack dab in the middle to cause further distraction, especially to those out of towners who either have never seen a gigantic nekkid statue before or just don’t know how to drive on a hamster wheel of bricks.

This section of road causes me great angst most days, especially during rush hour when traffic is so heavy it makes it even more difficult for people to figure out which imaginary lane they need to be in. 

It’s a circus I tell you. 

Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier, not to mention safer, just to put an old fashioned stop light or two over there? 

I feel like I’m playing a life or death version of Frogger every day.

One thought on “one day I’m going to go “splat”

  1. I know one civil engineer that hates round abouts! My husband thinks that it is not really their doing – the city makes them do it because it looks pretty. Who cares if it creates traffic hell!

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