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I think I might be bored. How do I know this? Because tonight I did something your hairdresser will tell you never to do; I highlighted my own hair. You can’t really tell though because in a fit of panic I rinsed before time was completely up. I could just see me walking around tomorrow with big chunks of white spread unevenly throughout my very dark brown hair. The skunk look is not a good one on me. And so I rinsed and if you look closely enough you can see a bit of auburn amongst the dark brown. Not bad. I’ll do this again and will be braver next time. I would love to do purple highlights but I’m afraid the job wouldn’t approve.

Keeping with this hair line of conversation…get it…”hairline”…heheheh…I also got all my locks chopped off today. I do this thing. I go through hair cycles. I have it very short and then get bored so I’ll decide to grow it out. I’ll go a few months and then it gets to a very annoying length and takes too long to fix, looks stringy, and just hangs there like a limp dishrag so I’ll march into the salon and announce that today is the day I’m getting all my hair cut off. That’s what I did today so I’m sportin’ a new ‘do. Maybe I’ll post a pic tomorrow. ‘Cause I know ya’ll are all dying to see it. Not.

Other random girly stuff…

I think men should have to shave their legs. And pits. And any other areas that women are expected to keep neat and orderly. This should be a law. Who decided women should have to shave their legs anyway? It is such a pain in the butt. This is another reason I want to move to Europe.

Tonight I used this cherry blossom body cream stuff from Bath and Body Works that Scout gave me as part of my birthday present (along with two fabulous books and a delightful pair of green socks with tread on the bottom) and I am smellin’ luscious! This stuff is yummy! Thanks bud! I keep sniffing my arm. I will try to refrain from doing this in public though I promise.

And now I’m gonna take my delicious smellin’ self to bed. Ta.

5 thoughts on “girly stuff

  1. I TOTALLY agree with you about the whole shaving legs thing. I also think that it must have been a man that invented pantyhose! You should totally do the purple highlights, I say GO FOR IT!!!!

  2. Can’t wait to see the hair!

    I don’t like to color or perm my hair anymore because I’m afraid something terrible will happen chemically and my hair will burn off and never come back. But I’ll cut my own hair 9 out of 10 times.

    psst – I don’t shave my legs unless I know they’re going to be showing. I know it’s gross, but if I’m the only that’s going to see them, I can’t be bothered.

  3. On principle, I’ve never dyed my hair (save the Malaysian Cherry streak of ’98). I’ve always been afraid I’d dye it and then get compliments on it and that would be bad for my self-esteem :). However, I once decided to break my own principle and got an auburn shade. I followed all the directions–a friend even helped me because I was so inexperienced–and then rinsed it out. And blow dried it. And had the same mousy boring shade I’d had a couple of hours before.

    I know it defies physics, but that’s what happened. I decided that was a sign that I should revert back to my original principle.

    Only…I have to say, I have always wanted streaks of something cool, like purple, flaming red, or even platinum blonde. The other thing I’ve always wanted to do is go completely jet black. With my so-white-it’s-clear skin, though, I’m not sure that’s the best idea.

  4. Ironically, I shaved yesterday, but normally since I don’t ever wear shorts and am lazy and uncaring in the winter, I just don’t. Sorry to gross.
    As to dying and highlights, just sign me up anytime. I’m ready for a change. I’ll scare myself looking in the mirror, but I’ll go through with it. Probably red.
    Can’t wait to see this new ‘do. We’re all waiting in an-tici….pation.

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