7 random/weird things about Finn

My blogging buddy LeBlanc tagged me for this meme. I’m supposed to come up with seven odd or somewhat random/interesting things about myself to share with all of you. As I cannot resist a good meme I am happy to oblige. 

But first, here are a few things that will not be included in this seven because I know at some point I’ve already disclosed them here. They are :  my unnatural fear of sharks and that I cannot watch any part of anything on tv or in movies that takes place underwater. It makes me a nervous angsty wreck. I also do not know how to swim. Do you see a theme with the water thing here? So if you didn’t know about those things, consider them freebies.

Now, onto other strange quirks about Finn that you might not have been aware of but that will surely add quality to your life by knowing them….heh….

1. I have borderline OCD. I either physically check or just simply obsess that the oven is turned off, the door is locked, the garage door went down, etc multiple times. I think this all goes back to one time when I was sitting in math class in the 6th grade and it occurred to me out of the blue that I had left my curling iron plugged up in my room. We did not have a telephone at the time so I went to my teacher, who sent me to the office and I do believe that the principal himself drove me home (it was only about a mile or two) so I could turn off my curling iron and save my family from losing their home to fire caused by a coiffure obsessed prepubescent daughter.

2. I’ve been asked this several times lately so I’ll go ahead and clear up the mystery of how I became “Finn” and this blog became “Finnspace”. When I first started this blog I had planned to be anoynomous so I needed a pen name. I was sitting at my desk setting up the new blog and trying to think of an alias. I looked up on my bookshelf and saw Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and there we have it. I became Finn. It was easier to type than Huckleberry. As far as the name “Finnspace”, the great Lynnster of The Lynnster Zone helped me come up with that. When I was using Google’s Blogger my blog was called “I’ve Noticed” but then I decided to switch to WordPress and change the name. Lynn kindly agreed to help me shift all my old Blogger posts over to WordPress and she came up with some clever choices. We picked “Finnspace”.  To be read as either Finn’s Pace or Finn Space. I’m crazy with words like that.

3. I think I would make a good Buddhist. There’s just something about it that appeals to me a great deal. I like the calmness, meditative aspect of it. Hinduism also intriques me. I think it would be enlightening to take refuge in an ashram somewhere for a few months and just chill out. Perhaps I’ll convert (and the concerned phone calls begin, starting…now).

4. I think it is probable that there is life on other planets and I don’t get why some people think that its weird to believe that this could be a possibility. I mean, why are we so arrogant as to think that we are the only “intelligent life” (debatable term) out there? Regardless of how you believe that we got here, why is it so crazy to think that it may have happened in more places than just Earth? What’s the big deal? And now that many of you think I’m looney, I might as well go all out and tell you that I also believe that some people have the capability to “see” things; psychics, if you will although I hate that term. And I don’t see why people get their undies all twisted up about that either. (and the concerned phone calls from the same people as in #3 begin in 1…2….3).

5. I used to fantasize that Michael Jordan came to my house and was my personal basketball coach and good buddy. All my friends and teammates were so jealous and impressed. In my own mind.

6. I have decided that my dream job is to be a travel writer. Or one of those tour guide people, like Rick Steves.  But I think travel writer would suit me better since it’s more behind the scenes. One of the happiest times of my life was when The Accountant and I took our whirlwind tour of Europe a couple of years ago. There was constantly something new and enchanting around the corner at every second. I loved every one of those seconds and can’t wait to go back. I felt like I was floating the entire trip. It was amazing and wonderful. To be able to explore new places and immerse yourself in a different culture, and then get to write about it for others to experience as best they can through your words, would be simply…magnifico.

7. I love Vicks VapoRub. You know the greasy smelly stuff that comes in the blue jar. Love. It. Even when I just have a slightly stuffy nose and not a full blown cold I’ll use the stuff to help me breathe. I think God must have given us that space between our upper lip and our nose just so we’d have a handy place to put Vicks.

I think I’m supposed to tag some people so if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged. Now go and tell me something about yourself that I don’t know!

7 thoughts on “7 random/weird things about Finn

  1. Just for the record, I laughed so hard at my desk at this post that my cube mate asked me if I was okay. If I had been drinking chocolate milk while reading it would have squirted out of my nose!

  2. Thanks for playing along. Isn’t Lynn the greatest? She set me up from Blogspot to WordPress too. Oh & BTW, if you get that travel writing job don’t forget to hook me up. I bet my wife would really appreciate following me around and going to strange foreign places too.

  3. Ha! Great post, Finn! Funny!

    I’m a lifelong Europhile. There is nothing like seeing the world!

  4. Surely you must be related to my crazy aunt Anne regarding #1. But she goes so far as to bang her hand on all four eyes of the stove and declare, “OFF, OFF, OFF, OFF” several times and push on all four (or two) of the car doors shouting, “SHUT, SHUT, SHUT, SHUT.” I’ve always wondered what what would happen if one of those stove eyes just so happened to be turned on….:)

  5. Well then, by your #4 I glad to know you didn’t think I was weird in my email the other day when I suggested it was more than coincidence when 2 people think of each other at the same time. But I don’t claim to be psychic, (although some may argue I’m psycho.) Ha!

  6. I call my fiancée “Ffin” because our true petname for each other: “Muffin”, is too truly embarrassing to reveal in public. Once I started calling him Ffin, he rejected it, because I already had someone in my life (I.e., you) named Finn.

    I had to clarify that since it was spelled with 2 Fs instead of 2 Ns, that it was completely different. I acquiesced finally.

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