i can’t stop

Sneezing that is. I just had a big ol’ sneezing fit. The kind of sneezes that rattle your bones and make your head hurt. So I’m sitting in bed with a box of tissues and my cat next to me. (hmm, maybe the cat is the problem here…) 

I cannot tell you how glad I am that today was Friday! And get this, we’ve scored a babysitter for a few hours tomorrow. The Accountant and I will not know what to do with ourselves and the baby-free time. Last time a friend watched her for a while and we went to dinner and the bookstore. After that we couldn’t think of anything else to do and just kind of looked at each other and said “I miss Sam” and went back and got her. We are pathetic excuses for fun lively people these days. Don’t call us if you’re looking for wild ‘n crazy ’cause it ain’t here.

I have nothing of substance to say really and am not sure why I’m even posting. So I’ll stop.

One thought on “i can’t stop

  1. My dear, lovely Finn–

    Unfortunately, that photo of the woman wearing the coat was not me, but the charming woman, Deep In Vogue, who created the coat.

    I, as I would hope you know, am a tiny little Asian girl..

    And if you did know that, then I’m borderline retarded and don’t know how to read into things. 🙂 But that coat astounded me–if not for its stylishness, its complete and utter outlandish, almost ugly qualities. I think a bit of strange ugly is actually pretty darn cool.

    I hate to equate your lovely BB to a dog, but our situation is similar. Not that I was a big bag of fun prior to getting Max, but… We do refer to him as the “baby” or our “son,” and we used to think of going out and having a good ol’ time, and once we were out and partying or out and having dinner, all we could think and talk about was the little brown bear-dog waiting for us at home. We even spoon him and talk to him like our kid. It’s sad.

    Although, our future BB will not eat from bowls on the ground, and will not have to be walked in 20F weather to poop. I surmise pampers might actually be preferable to walking the dog.

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