babysitters are a gift from God

Today was lovely I must say. That thing I’ve heard about how taking a break away from baby makes you a better mommy when you return is so true.

Today the fabulous Grandma T came a’calling. She came bearing adorable Christmas gifts for Sam, as well as the coolest thing for us. It was a book, hardcover, with pictures of Sam in it and captions. A real storybook with Sam as the main character. I’d never seen one of these before but it was the greatest gift ever. The thoughtfulness of Grandma T to hunt through various pictures we’ve sent her or that she’s taken of Sam and to take the time to have this made was truly special. I ’bout near bawled right in front of her.

With the very capable Grandma T watching over Sam, The Accountant and I went to lunch and got over half of our Christmas shopping done! Woohoo! We even made a trek into Toys ‘R Us to watch the crazy people frantically fall all over each other in the aisles trying to fill their Christmas lists.

It feels great to have had such a relaxing and productive day. And I think The Accountant and I needed some time to ourselves. Its easy to become completely consumed by baby and loose sight of us as just a couple. Our lives have changed so much since Sam arrived, mostly for the better of course but I won’t lie and say that there haven’t been some negative aspects as well. But they are far overshadowed by the blessings.

So a big thank you to Grandma T for giving us a few hours today to just be a couple again.

One thought on “babysitters are a gift from God

  1. And I “suffered” through the day rocking a sleeping baby in my arms and watching her laugh and play the rest of the time. LOL! I’m sure you would be able to twist my arm to come back and do it again. Keeping your marriage strong is one of the best things you can do for Sam so don’t neglect your couple time.

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