I love this blog. I do. It’s served as a source of entertainment for me for a very long time and a source of info as to what I’m up to for my family and those bored interested enough to read.

But sometimes I find it’s not enough. I’m very cautious about what I write here. I try to keep it light and humorous. I guess I can still say that its an “outlet” for me but it tends to be a very limited one. I’m too conscious of my audience, I know who I’ve given the address to, who might possibly be reading. And so I stay away from certain words and subjects.

I self-censor. Does this make me a hypocrite or an expert in self-preservation? Just something I’ve been pondering.

3 thoughts on “contained

  1. Neither. Possibly just too thoughtful and considerate. It’s okay. In fact, it’s great. Luckily, you have many other outlets to utilize in order to avoid exploding. Plus, electronic outlets can only do so much. It’s the human ones that generate the most power.

  2. I have found that over the years due to who (whom? I never get that right) reads my blog I tend to censor myself. I thought having a secret blog would do the trick and it did for about a minute. Sometimes we just have to keep our thoughts private or closely contained. America is so afraid of offending, not for the sake of offending but for the repercussions. At least it is for several people I know.

    No matter what you write about I will continue to read even if it isn’t cutting edge. Heck, I’m a sucker for baby pics.

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