the week that never ends & holiday plans

The longest week in history is almost over. It seems that every year the week before Christmas lasts forever and ten days. But here we are, finally at Friday and I am so thankful that I might just dance a jig down the hallway. Or maybe just walk down the hallway to the kitchen and get some water.

Tomorrow my dear mom is coming down to babysit Sam while we (Mr. Finn, BIL, BIL’s girlfriend, and FIL) go see The Nutcracker. It will be nice when Sam is old enough to take to such things. But I’m afraid right now she would either scream her head off at the sight of all those men in tights and makeup or just fall asleep, which would be ok really. 

I’m so looking forward to a weekend with my mom (and maybe lil’ bro). She’ll spend the night and it will be super great for Sam to hang with grandma as she doesn’t get to see her as much as we’d like.

Christmas plans…we don’t have any real extravagant ones really.  I think we’re going to Christmas Eve dinner at Mr. Finn’s grandmother’s. Honestly though, I’m mostly looking forward to having several days off in a row with hubs and Sam. Everything else is just trimming.

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