Grandmas are good for a lot of things…

…but engaging in conversations about football is not one of them. The Accountant discovered this when he tried to have a bit of Titans banter with my mom on Sunday at the start of the game. I was in the kitchen but overheard something similar to the following.

The Accountant: “I wonder if Haynesworth and Vanden Bosch are there today.”

Grandmom: “Who?”

The Accountant: “Haynesworth and Vanden Bosch.”

Grandmom: “Is that where you work?”

Mass amounts of laughter ensued and we educated Grandmom a bit on the Titans roster. And then I got my mom’s permission to blog about it of course.  But you have to admit that the two names together do sound like a high-dollar accounting or law firm.

All kidding aside, hubs and I were able to have a long Saturday afternoon out while the amazing and wonderful Grandmom, with help from little bro, watched over Sam. I left nearly two pages of instructions/tips/phone numbers when only a couple of lines would have sufficed but I’m wordy like that. And it’s not like Grandmom has ever taken care of a little one (or two) before so I’m sure she needed my words of new found wisdom. Hardy har har.

The Accountant and I met up with FIL, BIL and BIL’s girlfriend (I really need better names for them) downtown for lunch and then on to TPAC to take in an afternoon of ballet and Christmas fun at The Nutcracker. The ballet was amazing and beautiful as always and this year it was infused with a bit of Nashville flavor. Those dancers are amazing. And wow those costumes are um, er, quite snug.

We returned home to a nearly conked out Sam sprawled in Grandmom’s arms and a very happy Cooper. I believe things went great while we were out and Sam visited all the stops at Infant Disneyland*, ate well and slept a tiny bit.

*I must post a picture of the various swings, baby gyms, bouncers, etc lined up in our living room. This kid is not lacking for activity centers.

In church the next morning Bro Finn got in his stint of baby holding and I was impressed with his cradling and rocking skilz. Hubs had delicious fajitas waiting on us when we got home. Kudos to the cook of the household! The Titans game consumed us that afternoon and Sam had a visit from Grandpa (aka, FIL). I got more Christmas cards ready to send out and some laundry done.

It was a full and fun weekend. It is a blessing to have family around. Thank you to my wonderful mom! Love you! Mwah!

3 thoughts on “Grandmas are good for a lot of things…

  1. :)!!! I can just hear that convo taking place. I love it.
    Will have to see Bro Finn’s baby skilz one day.
    Love to all of you for a very Merry Christmas!!!

  2. I am behind on my reading, but I really enjoyed this blog. I got a good laugh on the “firm name” and “Infant Disneyland” comments.

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