booster baby

I haven’t had a chance to go buy a high chair for Sam yet but I remembered a booster seat I’d put in the closet that we received at a baby shower. We thought we’d try it out today because it is much easier to feed Sam her cereal (which I don’t think is going so well by the way but we’ll get it eventually) if she can sit upright somewhere other than in mommy or daddy’s lap. 

She seemed to like it ok. This was taken before I stuffed rolled up towels on either side of her to keep her from tipping over. Yeah, I’m sure that’s endorsed by the AAP right?


3 thoughts on “booster baby

  1. Aw.:) Sing with me now:
    “Booster booster, be a booster. Don’t be grouchy like a rooster. Booster booster, be a booster. At booster Bible school. BOOSTER!”

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