both icky and nice

Today has been equal parts icky and nice.

The icky parts first…
-We are passing a cold around and it’s my turn to be It. I feel like poo with the typical snottiness, stuffiness, coughiness, achiness, etc. The Accountant is feeling better finally and Sam seems to have dodged the worst of it so I’m thankful for those things. 
-The Titans didn’t bother to show up today and were shut out.
-Tomorrow is Monday so there’s also that. But I won’t be making an appearance at ye olde office if I still feel like this.

The nice part…
-We managed to get the Christmas tree disassembled and packed away yesterday so the house is back to normal for the most part. I’m not one to leave holiday decor up till New Years.
-Sam is being extra sweet today and we took a nice snooze together while Hubs went to work and during the debacle what was the Titans game.
-I just ate a super delicious bowl of leftover chili. A good bowl of chili is good for the soul I always say.

Going to blow my nose.

One thought on “both icky and nice

  1. I’ve been reading the tweets on Sam’s condition. My god. Must be a huge stress-fuck. Yuck. Please be well, and your daughter, too!

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