a vote for # 1 is a vote for uber cuteness!

My friend’s adorable daughter was selected to be in a contest by a local photographer who took photos of her baby girl as a newborn. Go over to the Brown Family blog and read about it, as well as see pics of her cutie pie as she is now.  Then, if you are so inclined, please go to Angela Crutcher’s site and leave a comment for picture #1, my friend’s baby, to help her win the contest!

Now I will warn you, when you get over there you will see 19 other pictures of adorable super squishy huggable kids. But DO NOT BE SWAYED! Because chances are that you do not know any of those kiddos, but by at least six degrees of separation, you do know baby #1! After all, I know her, and you know me, sort of, right? In that bizarre internet blogger friend sort of way at least.

Do it for Finn, do it for my friend, do it for your country, do it for cute babies everywhere! You can vote once per day until 10:00 pm on Jan 3. So go here now and vote vote vote!

Thank you and God bless America.

3 thoughts on “a vote for # 1 is a vote for uber cuteness!

  1. I already thought it, but I now know you are wonderful. thanks for that. I need to do it as well.

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