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the highlights

31 Jan

Broken water pipe is fixed. Cost = over $1000 and only $6 were for parts, the other for labor. I shoulda been a plumber. Shout-out to Holt Plumbing. They were speedy, friendly and just about perfect. Just expensive.

Sam had her 6 month check up and shots/immunizations on Wednesday. She cried during the shots but got over it quickly. I was proud of her. She is within the 50-60 percentile range for her length and weight so she’s much more proportional now and less lanky. And cuter than ever of course. Here she is in the smock they give the kiddos to wear at her pediatrician’s office.


And here she is looking all grown up “reading” a book while waiting for the doctor to come in.


Regarding her hatred of rice cereal…we have been cleared to try different kinds of cereal (oatmeal, etc) as well as fruits that we can mix in. Once I get myself to the store to purchase these items we’ll see how it goes.

I finally got my procrastinatin’ self to the doctor today as well. I’ve been sick for over a month, first with a cold that has now developed into a nasty sinus infection. But I’m now on antibiotics and cough medicine and will hopefully feel back to normal again soon. Although, to be honest, I’m not quite sure I remember what it feels like to be well.

We were lucky to dodge the massive power outages that came with the winter storm a few days ago. My family in West TN were without power for a couple of days but it’s has been restored now so that’s a very good thing. I did get to break in my cute snow boots last week though so that was fun. It takes so little to amuse me these days.

Hubs is well on his way to finishing in the basement. Gas line was moved today with the help of a friend and FIL. It will be nice to see walls up down there eventually. Progress is being made.

Work drama is still there because apparently it takes an act of Congress to get anything changed around there. But I knew that already, I just didn’t know how maddening it would be when it directly affected me. So we’re still in limbo with all that. And here is where I say a big fat “WHATEVER” to The Man.

I received my reimbursement for the grad school class I won’t be attending. It was a bit depressing going to deposit the check I have to say. Almost like it was what my “dreams” were worth or something equally as dramatic. Heh.

I suppose that’s about it. Feeling a bit meh about things tonight. I think I just need to sleep. Ta.

things to say

26 Jan

I really do have things I want to say and post other than baby pics (not that there’s anything wrong with that mind you) but good grief, it seems I’m always too exhausted to write them. I’m not sure why. I mean, Sam gets me up a couple of times a night but nothing that ought to drain me like I feel I’m being drained. As in all mental and physical energy gone. Sapped. Depleted. There are things going on at work that are causing mental tiredness, that’s for sure, so I guess that’s not helping things. Ugh. Anyway, how’s that for a lengthy excuse for the lack of witty and charming entries here? Meh. Onward to bed.

its been a crazy 6 months

24 Jan

sleep11Lil’ Miss Punkin is six months old today! She continues to amaze and charm us all with her ready smile, funny faces and sweet manner. Of course, I am naturally prejudiced as any mom is toward her own child. Right now she is laying on the bed next to me and I just want to squeeze her sweet chubby cheeks.

I am not exaggerating when I say that these have been the hardest six months of my life. I have cried in exhaustion and frustration and wondered what in the heck I had gotten myself into.  “They” really should give you some more warning about how hard it is going to be with a new baby. There could be a course or something, geez. But we’re in a great place now and things are good. I just can’t believe she is halfway to being one year old! Time flies as they say. 

And now she’s awake so my post comes to an end quicker than I thought. Anyway, Happy Birthday Sam! We love you!


and once again

21 Jan

I’m behind on posting here, reading your wonderful blogs, emails, the  fitness challenge with the coolest sistas evah, and on sleep. Man I need a LONG nap like you wouldn’t believe! Will I ever sleep again? Ever??!?!!? Thankfully my mom came up for a few days this week and it was great. Mom’s are the best aren’t they? Sometimes I wish she’d just move in.

I didn’t get to see the inauguration live as the internet at work was crazy slow and wouldn’t let me on. So I gave up after a while and went back to making copies and punching holes. But it was easy enough to get caught up on all the Presidentialness of the day via the news later. I’m not a political animal but even I was caught up in the historic relevance of this election and inauguration. And like many others, I am hopeful. What a momentous event! Although I think my favorite part of all the festivities was seeing Obama do the bump. Seriously cute! Wait a sec, I think I may have a lil’ crush on the Prez. And wha…I just read that Obama got a do-over on the flubbed oath (Roberts fault). It’s crazy times people.

So while I may be behind on many things, I am up to speed on current events and keeping my kid sparkling clean.  See?


Oh come’on, you knew there’d be a baby pic in here somewhere.

did i break a mirror or something? no, that was just the garage door and some pipes

17 Jan

Soooooo, here we are. Friday again. (yeah, this post was started on Friday, I realize it’s now Saturday). Doo da, doo da. I’m feeling a bit random and scattered this afternoon. Distracted. But that’s not unusual for me. It’s been a long week campers. For various reasons. (I have a thing for sentence fragments by the way. Grammar police beware.)

Thursday was Household Disaster Day apparently. Disaster # 1 involved an opening garage door and a jumpy Honda a bit too anxious to get on the road. Thursday morning I went to move my car from the basement garage to the driveway as I do most weekday mornings for ease of loading about fifteen bags, briefcases, car seats, jackets and so forth. Not to mention its easier, and safer for me to walk with baby down the front sidewalk to the car than down the stairs. But anywho. I get in my car, push the garage door opener, and back out. WAAAAAY too soon. As in, before the garage door was open all the way. I heard CRASH BANG CRASH BANG and immediately cursed. Garage door bent all to heck and will not go up or down. Check. Back end of my car scratched all to heck. Check. Seriously. But wait, maybe something good had come out of this afterall…I mean, I had the perfect excuse to stay home now right? But being the overly conscientious person that I am I somehow managed to push the door up far enough to squeeze my car out. Darn. FIL was able to come over and fix the door well enough that it will now go up and down and we didn’t have to worry about our pipes freezing during those artic temps.

And speaking of freezing pipes, this is a nice transition into Household Disaster # 2. I get home from work Thursday and there is a note in our mailbox from the water meter reader guy. He says our meter was running like crazy so he shut off our water to save us further costs from what was probably a leak somewhere. Nice. Hubs gets home and can’t find a leak anywhere. He turns the water back on at the meter and notices that water is pouring out of a pipe like crazy and yup, the meter is going like sixty. Apparently there is an issue with the pipe somewhere underground. We called a plumber (who has STILL not showed up) and in the meantime we are turning the water on at the meter to shower, etc and turning it off at night and during the day. I cringe when we have to turn the water back on to do our bizniz because we are wasting so much of it just pouring out of that pipe. Dear Environment, I am very sorry.

Oh and also, I quit school and Sam and I are sick again. So much more to say about that first one but not now and not here.

I don’t want to leave this post with a completely negative vibe so here are some positive things that I am very thankful for in spite of everything. I have a decent paying job when so many are being laid off and do not know how they are going to pay their bills. Sam is eating cereal at day care. They are also working with her on sitting up. We’ll get her “growed up” yet! When I pick her up from day care she turns and smiles at me when she hears my voice and it is the total highlight of my day.  On the school front, I will get a full refund of my tuition and fees for this semester since I withdrew within the deadline for total reimbursement. Last but not least, my mommy is coming to stay with us for a couple of days this week!

The moral of this post is to always look behind you when backing out of the garage and don’t take your running water for granted.

these boots are made for splashin’

14 Jan

Remember when I said I was gonna buy a pair of funky rain boots? I got them yesterday and da da da da, here they are!


Now it just needs to rain. Or snow.

I know you’re jealous and that my brown pj pants look super haut with them but please, contain yourself.

Is it weird to post a picture of your new boots on your blog?  Methinks maybe.

on my mind

13 Jan
  • It’s kind of freaking me out a little that people I know (not to mention those I don’t know) are reading this and know more about me than I know about them. It’s making me kind of paranoid to post to be perfectly honest. Now granted, what they know about me is only what I choose to put out here but still, it feels a bit…overexposed.
  • I wish I had a lilting accent. I was on the elevator today with three ladies, one of which had the most charming way of speaking. I can’t place where it was from but I was enchanted. I wanted to stay on the elevator even after my floor came just to listen to her but I thought that would seem a bit odd. And for the record, I do have a heavy accent but its more Elly May than Dame Judi Dench.
  • Pet peeve – people who you’ve not talked to in ages but that “friend” you on MySpace or Facebook but then don’t say anything at all, as in don’t respond to personal messages or emails. That really drives me crazy. Oh, just had a thought. Maybe they don’t need to talk to me because my life is right here to read about on this blog. Note to self: become a bit more mysterious.
  • I would love to check into the Marriott on West End behind Borders/PF Changs for an entire weekend. By myself. I would pack the following: a book or two, my journal, flannel jammies, bubble bath, pretty stationary, my favorite ink pen, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Diet Cokes, and celebrity gossip magazines. Oh, and plenty of money to spend at Borders because I love bookstores more than anything. Bliss bliss bliss. That’s what it’d be. On second thought, maybe we should make those reservations for an entire week.
  • I think I might be going crazy. Like for real. It occurred to me more than once today how wicked fun it would be to run down the hall screaming and waving my hands in the air. I’d turn left outta my office first just to make sure my coworker knew what was up in case she wanted to join me (you know you want to). Then I’d run right down the hall past everyone’s office and into the kitchen for a drink of water ’cause you know I’ll be thirsty from all that yellin’. Last thing, right on out the door to my elephant (Element) and outta this parking garage for all time. Never to be seen or heard from again.

Those were just a few of the things I thought about today. This was fun. We’ll have to do it again sometime. Ciao for now.

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