where I tell you ’bout my weekend

This weekend was a great one and I’m sad it’s over. All the hoopla from the holidays is behind us and now we descend into whatever our “normal” happens to be. I’m none too thrilled about that but I’m trying to be a more positive thinker and am going to make my best attempt to carry over the good will and happiness from the holidays as far as I can into this year. My class will be starting in a week or so (I really should find out about that), I have some work issues to resolve, and this is about the time that I start thinking and planning for our spring vacation. Having something to look forward to helps keep me as far out of the doldrums as possible. I need this.

Saturday I met up with the gals for our local inaugural book club meeting. We met at the cutest little tea shop on the square. I’ve lived in this town for over eight years now and have never been in this place. I’ve missed out! It is so charming. I’ve been in a book club before but I have to admit that it was less than stimulating. But Saturday was great and gosh darn it, we actually discussed the book! Amazing. We read John Maxwell’s Make Today Count. This is not the type of book I’m usually into but it was a worthwhile read and there were some practical and usuable takeaways. Next month’s selection is The Kite Runner which I’ve read before and liked very much. I hope to read it again as it was a bit heavy. It was one of those books that stuck with me after I’d read it and I pondered over it for a long time afterwards.

After all that brain stretching I went shopping! By myself! With giftcards so it was free! I bought Sam a couple of dresses, tights, shoes and socks. Here’s a picture of her in one of them.  She’s all spiffed up for church ain’t she?


I’ll be honest and say that I felt somewhat guilty subjecting her to the torture that is tights/pantyhose at this early age. But she didn’t seem to mind.

After shopping for Sam, I went to Macy’s and shopped for myself. Wheee!  Or not. I must have walked through that store a million times before I finally found a couple of pairs of pants and a couple of sweaters. I don’t know what my problem was. It seems like when I have money to spend that I get overwhelmed and can’t decide what to purchase. I guarantee you that if I went in a clothing store with no money at my disposal that I could find ten different outfits that I can’t live without! There was also the whole “I can’t believe I wear this size, I’m so fat, these dressing room lights suck, I can’t believe I wear this size, I’m so fat, my butt is huge, etc, etc….” inner dialogue and mental cursing at myself that went on so that hindered my progress quite a bit. I finally moved on to shoes but didn’t find anything so I gave up and headed back home. By this time I was a big ball of sweat and frustration so it was time to go anyway. And goodness if I don’t have money left over so I get to go do it all over again once I’ve recovered. I really do love shopping and am so appreciative for the giftcard from FIL (THANK YOU!!!), I’m just not in prime shopping mode right now.

This morning we braved the deluge and Sam and I went to church. You should see me lugging all my and Sam’s junk into church! I’m sure it’s hysterical. I have a squirming baby, a huge diaper bag and usually a Boppy pillow (to save my arms from breaking from holding a 16 pound baby for over an hour, this thing has been a lifesaver for me) so it’s quite a load. Today I didn’t need the pillow though because some dear friends who sit in front of me took Sam and held her the entire service! She slept most of that time and was very good. It was a nice break for me. Hooray for baby holders! It’s so cute these days because Donita’s baby Amelia and Sam are quite the little celebrities within our section of pews. They get passed around from person to person and seem to eat up all the attention. I’m so grateful for my loving church family. I am blessed.

img00177 img00173

And now, on to Monday.

4 thoughts on “where I tell you ’bout my weekend

  1. I want to nom nom on her cheeks. And I don’t think tights are cruel when they’re babies–it’s when they’re little girls and have to run around in them that it’s kind of mean to make them wear them :).

  2. Look at those rosy cheeks! So adorable.

    You’re so busy busy busy, how do you find time to read?? You must be one of those crazy non-sleeping creatures.

  3. I understand your shopping pain. I REALLY have to be in the mood to torture myself in the stores.
    As for the tights thing, I’m with Holly. Make her wear them now, but please abstain when she gets more mobile. That’s when they’re a hindrance.

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