the post about nothing

Is this a  damp and dreary Saturday or what? Although I really love days like this when I’m able to be home in a pair of comfy flannel jammies and a good book. But today all I want is a nap, like a 5 hour nap. Sam had a rough night last night and was up every couple of hours. Maybe she’s teething, I’m not sure. She’s asleep now but probably not for long as she’s a champion cat-napper.

Ok, since I wrote that paragraph I’ve calmed a screaming baby, got her back to sleep, tried to feed her cereal (which she not so politely refused), gave her a bottle, changed three diapers, cleaned spit up off the floor and gave about a hundred baby kisses on her fat lil’ cheeks. See why I need a nap? But no napping now, Titans game starting in five.

Um, yeah, I keep stepping away from the computer to tend to real life things and so I guess this post is going to be more of a day in the life at this rate. Titans game is tied at 7 right now. I vow to get this post done by midnight, as entertaining as it is.

….never mind, this post is done, I can’t focus with the game on. So here’s a picture of Sam in a shopping cart. We were in Lowe’s and she was so not interested.


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