did i break a mirror or something? no, that was just the garage door and some pipes

Soooooo, here we are. Friday again. (yeah, this post was started on Friday, I realize it’s now Saturday). Doo da, doo da. I’m feeling a bit random and scattered this afternoon. Distracted. But that’s not unusual for me. It’s been a long week campers. For various reasons. (I have a thing for sentence fragments by the way. Grammar police beware.)

Thursday was Household Disaster Day apparently. Disaster # 1 involved an opening garage door and a jumpy Honda a bit too anxious to get on the road. Thursday morning I went to move my car from the basement garage to the driveway as I do most weekday mornings for ease of loading about fifteen bags, briefcases, car seats, jackets and so forth. Not to mention its easier, and safer for me to walk with baby down the front sidewalk to the car than down the stairs. But anywho. I get in my car, push the garage door opener, and back out. WAAAAAY too soon. As in, before the garage door was open all the way. I heard CRASH BANG CRASH BANG and immediately cursed. Garage door bent all to heck and will not go up or down. Check. Back end of my car scratched all to heck. Check. Seriously. But wait, maybe something good had come out of this afterall…I mean, I had the perfect excuse to stay home now right? But being the overly conscientious person that I am I somehow managed to push the door up far enough to squeeze my car out. Darn. FIL was able to come over and fix the door well enough that it will now go up and down and we didn’t have to worry about our pipes freezing during those artic temps.

And speaking of freezing pipes, this is a nice transition into Household Disaster # 2. I get home from work Thursday and there is a note in our mailbox from the water meter reader guy. He says our meter was running like crazy so he shut off our water to save us further costs from what was probably a leak somewhere. Nice. Hubs gets home and can’t find a leak anywhere. He turns the water back on at the meter and notices that water is pouring out of a pipe like crazy and yup, the meter is going like sixty. Apparently there is an issue with the pipe somewhere underground. We called a plumber (who has STILL not showed up) and in the meantime we are turning the water on at the meter to shower, etc and turning it off at night and during the day. I cringe when we have to turn the water back on to do our bizniz because we are wasting so much of it just pouring out of that pipe. Dear Environment, I am very sorry.

Oh and also, I quit school and Sam and I are sick again. So much more to say about that first one but not now and not here.

I don’t want to leave this post with a completely negative vibe so here are some positive things that I am very thankful for in spite of everything. I have a decent paying job when so many are being laid off and do not know how they are going to pay their bills. Sam is eating cereal at day care. They are also working with her on sitting up. We’ll get her “growed up” yet! When I pick her up from day care she turns and smiles at me when she hears my voice and it is the total highlight of my day.  On the school front, I will get a full refund of my tuition and fees for this semester since I withdrew within the deadline for total reimbursement. Last but not least, my mommy is coming to stay with us for a couple of days this week!

The moral of this post is to always look behind you when backing out of the garage and don’t take your running water for granted.

2 thoughts on “did i break a mirror or something? no, that was just the garage door and some pipes

  1. Our water lines too. The meter is spinning. Last water bill (and we don’t pay sewer fee) was almost $90. We have to lay new line from the meter to the house (about 300 feet). $1500. Ouch. But good luck with yours! You may have polybutelyne (is that the right word) pipes.

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