and once again

I’m behind on posting here, reading your wonderful blogs, emails, the  fitness challenge with the coolest sistas evah, and on sleep. Man I need a LONG nap like you wouldn’t believe! Will I ever sleep again? Ever??!?!!? Thankfully my mom came up for a few days this week and it was great. Mom’s are the best aren’t they? Sometimes I wish she’d just move in.

I didn’t get to see the inauguration live as the internet at work was crazy slow and wouldn’t let me on. So I gave up after a while and went back to making copies and punching holes. But it was easy enough to get caught up on all the Presidentialness of the day via the news later. I’m not a political animal but even I was caught up in the historic relevance of this election and inauguration. And like many others, I am hopeful. What a momentous event! Although I think my favorite part of all the festivities was seeing Obama do the bump. Seriously cute! Wait a sec, I think I may have a lil’ crush on the Prez. And wha…I just read that Obama got a do-over on the flubbed oath (Roberts fault). It’s crazy times people.

So while I may be behind on many things, I am up to speed on current events and keeping my kid sparkling clean.  See?


Oh come’on, you knew there’d be a baby pic in here somewhere.

3 thoughts on “and once again

  1. Mom says hey. If your hubs gets that room done, maybe I will move in! (What have I said? Now he’ll never finish it!)

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