things to say

I really do have things I want to say and post other than baby pics (not that there’s anything wrong with that mind you) but good grief, it seems I’m always too exhausted to write them. I’m not sure why. I mean, Sam gets me up a couple of times a night but nothing that ought to drain me like I feel I’m being drained. As in all mental and physical energy gone. Sapped. Depleted. There are things going on at work that are causing mental tiredness, that’s for sure, so I guess that’s not helping things. Ugh. Anyway, how’s that for a lengthy excuse for the lack of witty and charming entries here? Meh. Onward to bed.

2 thoughts on “things to say

  1. Finn, write them on word pad or notepad at work as they happen and EMAIL them to your home e-address and post them as soon as you get home.

    it works for me, when I have to vent.

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