the highlights

Broken water pipe is fixed. Cost = over $1000 and only $6 were for parts, the other for labor. I shoulda been a plumber. Shout-out to Holt Plumbing. They were speedy, friendly and just about perfect. Just expensive.

Sam had her 6 month check up and shots/immunizations on Wednesday. She cried during the shots but got over it quickly. I was proud of her. She is within the 50-60 percentile range for her length and weight so she’s much more proportional now and less lanky. And cuter than ever of course. Here she is in the smock they give the kiddos to wear at her pediatrician’s office.


And here she is looking all grown up “reading” a book while waiting for the doctor to come in.


Regarding her hatred of rice cereal…we have been cleared to try different kinds of cereal (oatmeal, etc) as well as fruits that we can mix in. Once I get myself to the store to purchase these items we’ll see how it goes.

I finally got my procrastinatin’ self to the doctor today as well. I’ve been sick for over a month, first with a cold that has now developed into a nasty sinus infection. But I’m now on antibiotics and cough medicine and will hopefully feel back to normal again soon. Although, to be honest, I’m not quite sure I remember what it feels like to be well.

We were lucky to dodge the massive power outages that came with the winter storm a few days ago. My family in West TN were without power for a couple of days but it’s has been restored now so that’s a very good thing. I did get to break in my cute snow boots last week though so that was fun. It takes so little to amuse me these days.

Hubs is well on his way to finishing in the basement. Gas line was moved today with the help of a friend and FIL. It will be nice to see walls up down there eventually. Progress is being made.

Work drama is still there because apparently it takes an act of Congress to get anything changed around there. But I knew that already, I just didn’t know how maddening it would be when it directly affected me. So we’re still in limbo with all that. And here is where I say a big fat “WHATEVER” to The Man.

I received my reimbursement for the grad school class I won’t be attending. It was a bit depressing going to deposit the check I have to say. Almost like it was what my “dreams” were worth or something equally as dramatic. Heh.

I suppose that’s about it. Feeling a bit meh about things tonight. I think I just need to sleep. Ta.

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