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28 Feb

How I have neglected you this week! So sorry but it just hasn’t been on my priority list. The Accountant’s grandfather passed away this week so it’s been a sad week. He was the nicest man you’d ever hope to meet and I know I’m glad to have known him. The last time I saw him was the first time he saw Sam. I’m glad he was able to meet her and hold her, and that I took pictures so we’ll be able to show Sam someday. Death makes you think. You never know when might be the last time you will ever see someone. Think back to those loved ones who’ve passed on and your last visits with them. Unless you knew they were on their deathbed you have no way of realizing that a casual visit could be the last visit you’ll have with them. Life is unpredictable that way. I suppose this could be construed as a morbid thought process but really, I think it should just make us cherish every moment with the ones we love.

I’m off on Monday but have a dentist appointment so that kind of taints the day. But at least I will get to experience the joys of nitrous which takes the edge off my hatred of Dr. R. I plan on rewarding my proactive dental care with some new running shoes afterwards. Yep yep. I’m just gonna say it here for all to read. I’m back on the running kick. Of course, since I’m so out of shape it’s more of a walking kick right now that will evolve into a running thang soon I hope. I go through spurts with this and would really like it to stick this time. I won’t be running any marathons anytime soon but there is a 5K in April that I’m up for. So there I said it. Now, bring it.

Right now I couldn’t run five feet if I wanted to because I am so stuffed with various goodies from Maggiano’s. Oh goodness, it was so yummy! Sam did great and no fits were pitched. Score! Oh, and have I mentioned that she has been sleeping all the way through the night??!! Over the past week she’s slept all night for at least five of the seven nights I’d say. Of course, now that I’ve jinxed this she will be up all hours tonight. Heh. I’m not sure if this will last or not but for now it is heaven for mommy.

I’m trying to figure out iTunes right now and sync up my shuffle. iTunes has automatically put a bunch of stuff on it that I’ve never heard of and I’m trying to decide what to keep and what to ditch. I’m not really a music aficionado and if it’s not on the radio then I probably don’t know about it. A shame really, as all the good stuff isn’t on the radio. So I hear anyway. I really should expand my horizons in this area. Anyway, I need music for all that running I’m gonna do ya know.

I’ll try to do better with posting here on my little piece of internet real estate but we’ll see how that goes.

religion, as seen on the street

23 Feb

Vanity plate: “I4Jesus”. Um, ok. U may b 4 Jesus but u r not 4 proper grammar. And that’s ok.

That same day I saw a car with a license plate cover that said “The Lord is My Shepherd”. Ok, fine by me. Then I noticed that the back window was crammed full with stuffed sheep and lambs. I was totally creeped out. I pulled up next to the person and glanced over to see who might have a slight obsession with farm animals and it was an older lady with FLUFFY WHITE HAIR! Like.A.Sheep.


one of those nights

21 Feb

I’m thinking it’s one of those nights. You know the ones. When you put on your most comfy flannel pjs, pop some popcorn and smother it in butter, or maybe you prefer hot chocolate instead, then you climb into bed or huddle under a snuggly blanket on the couch and just read, doze or watch tv for the duration. Yummmmm. I’m zenning out just thinking about it. It’s the weather that puts me in this kinda mood. Drizzly, cold, and just plain soggy out.

Carty has the right idea.


should be a law

21 Feb

It should be a law that no one has to work more than four days a week. I think it would do wonders for morale and productivity. Not to mention family life. This Monday will be my second day off in the new schedule and I am loving it. How could you not? I’m so thankful that I’m able to do this. Last Monday my family got to come visit as it just so happens that they are off on Mondays. Perfect. We spent the day entertaining and being entertained by baby and that afternoon my dad and I snuck off to TSC and Kroger. Papa bought Sam the cutest John Deere socks at TSC and so as not to leave out the grand-dog, bought Cooper a John Deere doggie toy. When we got back Sam was “helping” her grandmom sort and fold laundry. It was a fun day.

This Monday we have no plans. Except to play with Sam all day and take naps. I can’t wait.

who needs solid food?

17 Feb

This is my child, not eating. We’ve tried rice cereal, oatmeal, applesauce and bananas so far. In varying temperatures, mixed with the fruit, plain, with a spoon, with my finger, in a bowl, straight from the booster tray, did the airplane trick, etc. Nothing works. She doesn’t care one iota about eating solids. She sees the food coming her way and clamps her mouth shut and turns her head. Not having it. But she sure has fun playing in it so that’s something.

noteating1    noteating

its a luuuurve thang

14 Feb

Yeah yeah, you’ve heard it a million times already today I’m sure but I gotta say it…Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m not all that into the V-Day but I’m not a Valentine’s Day Hater either. I say just embrace the love around you whether that be a significant other, friends, family, pets, whatever. And don’t forget to do the same on the other 364 days of the year.

So here’s some of the things that I love about the people (and one dog) closest to me…

I love that The Accountant loves me in spite of my horrible housekeeping habits, my slobbiness and my scatterbrainedness. I love that he works so hard to support Sam and me and that he was open to letting me cut back my work week to be able to spend more time with our daughter. I love that he is a fabulous father to Sam and acts goofy to get her to smile at him, I love that he gets up at night when she cries and changes diapers and feeds her. Most of all, I love the way he looks at her because that tells me all I need to know.

I love the way Sam looks right at this second with spit up stains on her sleeper, snot and drool all over her face. (don’t worry, I’ll clean her up in a sec). I love the way she gets a big goofy grin on her face and flails her limbs at me when I come pick her up at day care. I love rocking her in the blue rocker my grandmother gave me and watching her eyes glaze over with sleepiness and slowly droop closed to experience her baby dreams. I love the way she grabs a handful of my hair with one fist and a handful of my face with the other and smooshes her little face into mine and shakes her head. I like to think that this is her way of hugging me and showing me love. I love her babbles and squeals and the way she grins up at Cooper and laughs and grabs his doggie face when he licks her.

I love the way my parents have shown me how a marriage should be and that they still say “I love you” after 30+ years of being together. I love that my dad has the know-how and ambition to run his own business and is so highly regarded and respected by all who know him. It’s hard not to notice how other people react to his honesty and kindness. I love the example he has set for me and my brother. I love how my mom earned her college degree later in life and continues to reach for the stars. I love how she has always been the type of mother you can talk to about anything and that she continues to inspire me in my writing and in being a good mom myself.  I love watching how my parents act around Sam and seeing the giggles and smiles between them.

I love that my brother approaches life with openness and positivity and that he is such a hard worker and helps my parents out since I can’t be there physically. I love that he is such a great uncle and adores Sam in his own way. I love that we don’t fight anymore like we used to and that we can now talk to each other like the adults that we are. I love the way he gets tickled at something or other and can’t stop laughing. I love his affinity for all things statistical or historic and that he can tell you who the thirteenth president was, the capital of every state and probably the free throw percentages of various county high school players.

I love how my father-in-law visits Sam every week and how he loves to hold her and make faces and talk to her. I love that he is able to be a grandfather for the first time to our child and watching that relationship evolve will be one of the most rewarding things ever. I love that he is always there to call on if  hubs is away and I need a man to help me with things like pulling the garage door down after I’ve crashed into it (not that that has EVER happened).

I love that our lab, Cooper, goes crazy when we come home and wags his tail so hard I think it might fall off. I love how he “grins’ his doggie grin when we play fetch or take him for a walk or to the dog park. I love how he sits patiently hoping for a potato chip to fall on the floor while we’re eating and how he runs to the bathtub and waits for someone to turn the water on so he can drink that particular water even though his water bowl is full.

Because I can’t name each of you let me just say that I love how my friends tolerate my craziness, my complaining, my ditziness and my endearing quirks. (they are endearing right?) I love how they will listen to me and then tell me when I’m being an idiot. This is invaluable trust me.

I hope  you all have a lovely day, whether you’re celebrating or not. And now, let’s all get our Elvis and Sinatra on!

not sure if I’ve mentioned this…

11 Feb

But I tend to bore easily. With some things, not all. And sometimes its not just boredom, it’s being incredibly antsy and restless.

Yesterday was a prime example. I thought I was going to explode from monotony and splatter all over the spreadsheet I was working on. All.Day.Long. But I reminded myself how fortunate I was during these crazy times to have a job that pays me to sit behind a desk and enter numbers. All.Day.Long. That helped.

But really, I think my restless tendancies mean one of two things. I am either a genius who needs constant mental stimulation and challenges, or I have a major character flaw. Or two. I’m leaning toward the later.

I’ve had a few jobs in my life and guess what, I get bored with them after about 6 months to a year. No matter what it is. And for this reason I find myself constantly searching for that one thing that will consistently keep me occupied, satisfied and fulfilled. I haven’t found it yet (at least not that pays the bills) and I’m envious of those people who do what they love every day and are “settled” in careers or lifestyles that suit them. I guess what I envy most about them is their state of contentment in general.

I seem to try different things that I think will solve all my issues and think that if I could only do this or that, then I’ll be completely happy.  I wander around in that lovely initial state of learning a new thing or doing something different and all is great for a while. Until I get bored and start searching for the next distraction.

Enter my obligatory qualifying statement here…Don’t get me wrong. I have a fabulous and blessed life and I realize this. But I guess I compartmentalize my life and fret over the parts that aren’t what I want them to be. Great marriage – check, beautiful child – check, family & friends who love me – check, etc. And then there are the other pieces that need a little and some need major tweaking. Not just career issues but some other things I won’t be mentioning here. I suppose I need to realize that nobody’s life is perfect and I should focus on the great parts, of which there are many.

This is going nowhere I guess but was just on my mind.

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