hello spring? is that you?

Happy Friday to ya! I keep meaning to join in the Feel Good Friday celebrations but don’t think of it until about this time of night and by then it just seems too late.

It was so nice today to be able to walk outside and not freeze my toes off. And if the weekend shapes up like the weather folks say it is, then I plan on being outdoors for some of it! I get severe cabin fever, winter doldrums, post-holiday depression – whatever the heck you want to call it. And I know that this warm weather is totally psyching us out and is being a big tease and that next week it will probably be back to freezing temps again. But for now I plan on enjoying it and relishing the reprieve.

Tomorrow will be a take Cooper to get a bath/go to a new coffeeshop for bookclub/take Sam for a walk/read a book/sit on the deck kind of day. I can’t wait.

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