new schedule

I suppose I ought to eat a bite or two of crow in this post. I didn’t think it would happen but I have finally busted through mass amounts of reluctance and red tape and have gotten my work schedule changed! Starting the week of February 16th I will be working only four days a week. Every week. I am so excited about this and really believe it is for the best in many ways. Supposedly this is on a trial basis but here’s a lil’ secret…it’s not a trial basis for me, it’s a done deal. It’s four days a week or nothing. But right now we don’t have to cross that bridge so we’ll not worry about that just yet. The schedule will be flexible and I won’t be off the same day every week as I will be working around meetings and various things at work but the pay cut is officially in effect in a week. I’m hopeful that this will give me more time with Sam and give me an overall better balance with family and work. So hip hip hooray, yippee skippy, woohoo and all that!

One thought on “new schedule

  1. That’s awesome! I’ve been trying to make a more flexible schedule where I am. They promise to think about it but then they say it’s not the right time and they will re-visit it. I guess it’s better than them laughing in my face, right?

    Anyway – that’s super great!! Congrats! ‘Cuz money can be worked with, but time away from Sam can never be brought back. Balance = key to happiness.

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