its a luuuurve thang

Yeah yeah, you’ve heard it a million times already today I’m sure but I gotta say it…Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m not all that into the V-Day but I’m not a Valentine’s Day Hater either. I say just embrace the love around you whether that be a significant other, friends, family, pets, whatever. And don’t forget to do the same on the other 364 days of the year.

So here’s some of the things that I love about the people (and one dog) closest to me…

I love that The Accountant loves me in spite of my horrible housekeeping habits, my slobbiness and my scatterbrainedness. I love that he works so hard to support Sam and me and that he was open to letting me cut back my work week to be able to spend more time with our daughter. I love that he is a fabulous father to Sam and acts goofy to get her to smile at him, I love that he gets up at night when she cries and changes diapers and feeds her. Most of all, I love the way he looks at her because that tells me all I need to know.

I love the way Sam looks right at this second with spit up stains on her sleeper, snot and drool all over her face. (don’t worry, I’ll clean her up in a sec). I love the way she gets a big goofy grin on her face and flails her limbs at me when I come pick her up at day care. I love rocking her in the blue rocker my grandmother gave me and watching her eyes glaze over with sleepiness and slowly droop closed to experience her baby dreams. I love the way she grabs a handful of my hair with one fist and a handful of my face with the other and smooshes her little face into mine and shakes her head. I like to think that this is her way of hugging me and showing me love. I love her babbles and squeals and the way she grins up at Cooper and laughs and grabs his doggie face when he licks her.

I love the way my parents have shown me how a marriage should be and that they still say “I love you” after 30+ years of being together. I love that my dad has the know-how and ambition to run his own business and is so highly regarded and respected by all who know him. It’s hard not to notice how other people react to his honesty and kindness. I love the example he has set for me and my brother. I love how my mom earned her college degree later in life and continues to reach for the stars. I love how she has always been the type of mother you can talk to about anything and that she continues to inspire me in my writing and in being a good mom myself.  I love watching how my parents act around Sam and seeing the giggles and smiles between them.

I love that my brother approaches life with openness and positivity and that he is such a hard worker and helps my parents out since I can’t be there physically. I love that he is such a great uncle and adores Sam in his own way. I love that we don’t fight anymore like we used to and that we can now talk to each other like the adults that we are. I love the way he gets tickled at something or other and can’t stop laughing. I love his affinity for all things statistical or historic and that he can tell you who the thirteenth president was, the capital of every state and probably the free throw percentages of various county high school players.

I love how my father-in-law visits Sam every week and how he loves to hold her and make faces and talk to her. I love that he is able to be a grandfather for the first time to our child and watching that relationship evolve will be one of the most rewarding things ever. I love that he is always there to call on if  hubs is away and I need a man to help me with things like pulling the garage door down after I’ve crashed into it (not that that has EVER happened).

I love that our lab, Cooper, goes crazy when we come home and wags his tail so hard I think it might fall off. I love how he “grins’ his doggie grin when we play fetch or take him for a walk or to the dog park. I love how he sits patiently hoping for a potato chip to fall on the floor while we’re eating and how he runs to the bathtub and waits for someone to turn the water on so he can drink that particular water even though his water bowl is full.

Because I can’t name each of you let me just say that I love how my friends tolerate my craziness, my complaining, my ditziness and my endearing quirks. (they are endearing right?) I love how they will listen to me and then tell me when I’m being an idiot. This is invaluable trust me.

I hope  you all have a lovely day, whether you’re celebrating or not. And now, let’s all get our Elvis and Sinatra on!

2 thoughts on “its a luuuurve thang

  1. what a lovely piece and sentiment. thanks for sharing with us in blog world. Also – hadn’t seen that clip before – simply awesome.

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