who needs solid food?

This is my child, not eating. We’ve tried rice cereal, oatmeal, applesauce and bananas so far. In varying temperatures, mixed with the fruit, plain, with a spoon, with my finger, in a bowl, straight from the booster tray, did the airplane trick, etc. Nothing works. She doesn’t care one iota about eating solids. She sees the food coming her way and clamps her mouth shut and turns her head. Not having it. But she sure has fun playing in it so that’s something.

noteating1    noteating

3 thoughts on “who needs solid food?

  1. Try dippin’ dots :). My parents went to visit the Marls this past weekend, and when my sister wasn’t looking, my mom slipped her some. By all accounts, she LOVED it.

  2. Brilliant! I was thinking maybe I’d try chocolate cake next. I mean, if she doesn’t like that, there is definitely something wrong with her!

  3. Let’s hope you can look at this and laugh when she’s eating cold pizza for breakfast.

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