religion, as seen on the street

Vanity plate: “I4Jesus”. Um, ok. U may b 4 Jesus but u r not 4 proper grammar. And that’s ok.

That same day I saw a car with a license plate cover that said “The Lord is My Shepherd”. Ok, fine by me. Then I noticed that the back window was crammed full with stuffed sheep and lambs. I was totally creeped out. I pulled up next to the person and glanced over to see who might have a slight obsession with farm animals and it was an older lady with FLUFFY WHITE HAIR! Like.A.Sheep.


One thought on “religion, as seen on the street

  1. Awww. Must have been the original Little Bo Peep. After all these years, she’s still around. I’da stopped and asked for an autograph.:)

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