8 months old

Today Sam turned 8 months old. I can't believe she will be one before we know it! She changes and does something new every day. Right before I took this picture, we were trying something not so new, called "eating solid foods"! This kid has no interest in any food other than her bottle. It's rather... Continue Reading →

my me day

I've been stressed and sick lately so today I decided it was time for a day just for myself. I dropped Sam off at daycare by 8:00 and then came back home to take Cooper to the vet for a bath and some attention from someone other than me. He nearly jerked my arm off... Continue Reading →


This is what I say when I'm just kind of meh about it all. Usually right now I'm sitting in church with Sam but it seems that all three of us have contracted some sort of stomach virus that refuses to go away. I've had it the longest, then The Accountant was the lucky one... Continue Reading →

the perfect place to be

I've been thinking about Switzerland today. The Alps in particular. The perfect place to be when your head is always in the clouds anyway. I'm not as well-traveled as the many photo albums on my coffee table would have you to believe. That European adventure across five countries was packed into 14 glorious days. The... Continue Reading →

i’m still here

I'm still alive. Haven't been feeling that great. Caught some weird stomach virus or something. Am sort of stressed out, bitchy and emotional lately as well. I'm just sayin'. Eventually I'll post something but for now I must tend to crying baby. Oh, and that mood icon to the left over there that says "sassy"?  Unable to... Continue Reading →

in lieu of…

...a "real" post, as I've not had much to say lately, here are some Sam pics. She was attempting to eat carrots and maybe got a couple of spoonfulls down. She seemed to like the taste of the bib better.

out of sync

So I overslept this morning and my body is all out of sync with the time change. Once I get used to it I will love it still being daylight when I get home from work. But till then, ugh. Last night was nice. We unexpectedly scored a babysitter and The Accountant and I got... Continue Reading →

3 things learned on a Monday

Dressing room lights are severely unforgiving. As in, they should be illegal. Making the workout pants I purchased all the more necessary. The dog will always have to go out to pee as soon as I've sat down to feed the baby. The key to world peace....nitrous oxide.  Who wouldn't get along while chilled out... Continue Reading →

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