This is what I say when I’m just kind of meh about it all. Usually right now I’m sitting in church with Sam but it seems that all three of us have contracted some sort of stomach virus that refuses to go away. I’ve had it the longest, then The Accountant was the lucky one and now Sam. So needless to say, I’m at home wondering what the day holds. I hear the weather is fantastic outside today, perhaps I will drag myself outside for a bit a little later.

So this post is just going to be me brain-dumping on you, my poor reader.

I have this mental list of miscellaneous things I need to do but keep putting off for one reason or another. And I feel like sharing it with you so here we go…I need to load my cds onto iTunes and locate my iTunes card that I seem to have misplaced in my chaos so as to compile some wicked cool playlists for working out. Clean out my closet and get rid of a lot of old clothes and shoes. Organize Sam’s room and put up the clothes that she’s outgrown and organize her closet as well. It is really starting to get out of control. Read my bookclub book, I’ve only read the first two pages. Clean out and wash my poor neglected car. It is a pigsty. Post my points at Danielle’s place as somehow I have completely fell off the boat on that. But the good news is that I continue to loose weight. Not eating due to a stomach virus seems to be the key. Who’d a thought.

Last night House Hunter’s International was in Paris (France, that is). I love love love that show. It goes perfectly with the dreamer in me. I mean, how amazing would it be to be able to choose between this or that flat in Paris? Yeah, I know, my wanderlust is in overdrive these days. Got the itch.

I’m off on Monday and had planned on taking a “me” day but now am not so sure that’s going to work out if we are still sick. Trips to the doctor may be in order instead. That’s just how it goes I guess. I’m thankful to be able to go to the doctor when I need to. But, if the “me” day does come about, here’s what I was thinking…take the dog to the vet for a bath. He will be giddy with excitement as he loves going to the vet. I know, he’s a strange canine. Then gather up the netbook, my journal, a book and my favorite ink pen and head to the local coffee shop for a few hours. Then home for a nap and maybe to watch Ellen which I will have DVRed because I love her. The perfect day I think since I can’t really go to Paris right now. Ha.

I want to go see a movie. I can’t remember the last movie I went to see in the theater.

Sparkpeople sends me way too many emails. I gotta get off that list.

I am still loving Twitter for keeping up with ma peeps. Because of it, I got an unexpected phone call to meet one of my favorite twitterers for lunch. I love the internets.

I’m excited about minor league baseball season and hope to catch some Sounds and Diamond Jaxx games this year. Oh, and I am loving March Madness but seriously, Vols? Hello.

Ok. That’s it folks. Blurg.

2 thoughts on “blurg

  1. I love twitter as well! And lunch (if that was me) was super fun. Def have to go again soon. Blurg is how I always feel right before Monday.

  2. I love twitter and House Hunters, both international and state-side. In fact I think the more you watch that show the more you want to, maybe they put subliminal messages in it? I’m on page 50 something of our book club book and WOW!

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