my me day

I’ve been stressed and sick lately so today I decided it was time for a day just for myself.

I dropped Sam off at daycare by 8:00 and then came back home to take Cooper to the vet for a bath and some attention from someone other than me. He nearly jerked my arm off in his excitement to get in the door at the vet. Yeah I know, total weirdo.

I’m typing this in a charming coffee shop not far from my house and the place is nearly deserted which is nice. Although I have decided that the best way to relax is not by having a mocha. I’m not a coffee-type drinker so this has me a bit jittery. But wow, it’s yummy. I might be a coffee convert if I keep this up.

So far I’ve written an epic email, caught up with some blog reading and a few friends. And zenned out to Nirvana and Pearl Jam. After this methinks I will head home for a nap and/or read. Or maybe go for a walk.

I think I need to make this “me” day thing a regular event.

2 thoughts on “my me day

  1. Lord have mercy….remember the days kids weren’t always in carseats?? WHen we rode bikes without helmets? Skated without kneepads? How ever did we make it to adulthood??

    She’s so stinkin’ cute…

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