8 months old

Today Sam turned 8 months old. I can’t believe she will be one before we know it! She changes and does something new every day.

Right before I took this picture, we were trying something not so new, called “eating solid foods”! This kid has no interest in any food other than her bottle. It’s rather amusing but frustrating at the same time.  She might take a couple of reluctant bites and then she’s completely done. I’ll be calling the pediatrician before her 9 month well visit just to get their input and see if there’s anything elso I can do differently to help peak her interest in eating.  Crazy kid. And just so you know, she gets this stubbornness from her father.


Disclaimer: No need to call child services on me, I don’t let her sit in that booster seat like that without the tray or unsupervised. I snapped this pic quickly and all was safe and sound.

3 thoughts on “8 months old

  1. so cute! I think she is probably one of those quirky fun personality kids. Happy 8month day!

  2. Hola.
    She is getting SO BIG! Not a baby any more, but a little girl.
    Don’t sweat the solid food thing. All children are different and they all do things only when they are ready be it early or late. For some reason they don’t seem to care what the books or doctors say….go figure.
    Tell the Accountant and Cooper hi for me.

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