9 months

Sam is 9 months old today! Happy 3/4’s Birthday! I think about now is when I’m supposed to say “time flies” or “I can’t believe how she’s grown” or something of that sort. But I won’t, because I hate being predictable. Instead, look at these shoes…are they not the cutest things ever?!?!   Here she is in the matching hat, which is completely pointless because … Continue reading 9 months

i just wanna…

Spring. Doncha’ love it? I always say that this is my favorite time of year. But then Sept/Oct rolls around and then I’ll say that fall is my favorite time of year. I’m fickle like that I guess. You know how I’m always saying that I’m bored? I think this time of year and coming out of the winter doldrums will help that. I hope. I get … Continue reading i just wanna…


It’s official. I now have a fully advanced case of the “Momdar”. Last night/morning it was The Accountant’s turn to have baby duty. In other words, if she woke up crying it was his job to get up and change her diaper, feed her, console, sing, do the hokey pokey, whatever she needed so that I could stay in bed. Here’s the scene: 4:45 am. I … Continue reading mom-dar

Dan Miller

I don’t always catch the morning news so like many events, I heard about Dan Miller’s death via Twitter. I haven’t been able to watch the tributes today but am watching Channel 4 now, at 10pm. His empty chair with the flowers is absolutely heartbreaking. Isn’t it funny how we think we personally know the people who we watch on tv every night and trust to give … Continue reading Dan Miller

things i want to do today

I’m bored people so here’s what I want to do… – go to a baseball game – go shopping for some desperately needed new clothes. and shoes. – take a vacation to somewhere calm and restful – get out the atlas, close my eyes and go wherever my finger lands – put pink streaks in my hair and get a tattoo. and some piercings. – … Continue reading things i want to do today

deep thoughts for a Saturday night

You can’t depend on others for your own happiness. Who said that? Someone smarter than me. Such an obvious sentiment but it’s so obvious that it gets missed a lot I think. That thought hit me tonight. Hard. I don’t know. I am just thinkin’ thinkin’. I’m discovering lately that I do this. The depending on others thing I mean. You have to make your own way. How to … Continue reading deep thoughts for a Saturday night