what did i say again?

So you know how I said last time that I had a nice long post drafted for later? Um yeah, I don’t know what in the heck I was talking about because all I have in my Drafts folder are about 5 one liner posts talking about how I have nothing to talk about. But we will work with what’s in my noggin and see what happens here ok?

First of all, a Finn life update…yo, tax season is ovah! Woot! <<runs screaming joyously down the street throwing confetti and giving the victory sign>> Seriously ya’ll. The Accountant works really hard year round but tax season is a bear. This year it was even harder on us because of the new lil’ person in our midst. I’ll just say that I am thankful that we all made it out alive.

I’ve been sick. Again. Sinus infection maybe or just a cold. Who knows. I’m still coughing, snotty and sputtering around here but I’m getting used to it I think. I did have to miss the latest episode of Book Club and Sam’s first Easter Egg Hunt and I was super bummed about that. But at least I have understanding and uber freakin’ cool book club friends and Sam is too young to remember that she missed the hunt.

The mysterious snotty-ness did also derail my foray back into the running thing but it’s ok. I only missed about a week and plan a nice walk tonight and then will kick some serious asphalt booty with my girls on Sunday in a race in C-town. Bring it.

I am also superduper excited to be getting together with a bunch of my high school peeps this Saturday as well!!!! Wow wow wow, I can’t wait to see these guys! I’m hoping that lots of people come because I mean, really, why wouldn’t you? (and when I say “lots” I mean at least 10 because my class only had about 20 in it). Spouses, significant others and kiddos will be there so it’s gonna be rockin’. We haven’t seen each other in years. Somehow we got out of the habit of our yearly gathering but we’re back people! And better than ever I’m sure! But I will be honest and say that I hope its not weird. You know how you go away for a while and when you come back, that little kid you went to church or school with is all grown up, but in your head they are still a little kid and seeing them is just bizarre? I don’t want Saturday to be bizarre like that but I think it might be. But still great of course. We will see.

Oh, Easter. It was nice. Sam looked cute in her dress and managed to pose nicely with her Easter basket that she didn’t care for much. We went to church and then to a family dinner. It was a nice day. Which reminds me, what happened to my chocolate bunny? Hubs, did you eat it???? Gimme it!

Yet another thing I am excited about is a trip to New Orleans I’m going on in a couple of weeks! Yeah, it’s not a pleasure trip but I’m hoping to squeeze in at least a few hours of rioting and debauchery. And I’ve never been there so I’m always excited to explore new territory. Especially when there is a fancy hotel and great food and drink involved.

Ok, thus endeth the life update for now…

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