i just wanna…

Spring. Doncha’ love it? I always say that this is my favorite time of year. But then Sept/Oct rolls around and then I’ll say that fall is my favorite time of year. I’m fickle like that I guess.

You know how I’m always saying that I’m bored? I think this time of year and coming out of the winter doldrums will help that. I hope. I get stuck in the routine of my daily life and can’t see past the mundane sometimes. This is something I’m trying to work on. I want to get out and DO things. With family and with my friends. Who I am so grateful for by the way. I don’t say that enough. I have the best family in the world and my friends rock. So hugs all around ya’ll.

The Accountant and I are planning a long weekend soon as our “We Made It Through Tax Season and Didn’t Get a Divorce” trip. These things are worth celebrating you know. This will be our first baby-free trip since Sam was born and call me a bad mommy if you want, but I cannot freakin’ wait. I need a break. I need a drink or two. I need to get out of town and just be me, not a mom, not an employee, not a bill-paying 30-something, not anything. Just me. Oh, I also need a tattoo and a girl’s night out and those are in the works as well.

Sometimes responsibility and being an adult really suck. I’m just being honest and you know it’s true. I’m just willing to admit it. Sometimes I just want to “turn in my adult card” (as my friend Danielle will sometimes say), let loose and just be stupid carefree. Not permanently, but just for a little while. Like for an entire weekend maybe, at least. Can I get that? Do they sell those on Amazon maybe? Yeah, can I get carte blanche for a Carefree Stupid Weekend? ‘K, thanks.

Vegas, here I come.

4 thoughts on “i just wanna…

  1. you rock and I can’t wait for our girls night. I think we can responsibly turn our adult cards in for the night and hand them to donita. since she is all adult like and stuff.

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