9 months

Sam is 9 months old today! Happy 3/4’s Birthday!

I think about now is when I’m supposed to say “time flies” or “I can’t believe how she’s grown” or something of that sort. But I won’t, because I hate being predictable. Instead, look at these shoes…are they not the cutest things ever?!?!


Here she is in the matching hat, which is completely pointless because what 9 month old will keep a bright, colorful, soft, squishy, oh-so-tempting-to-put-in-my-mouth-and-drool-all-over hat on their head for any length of time? I mean, even I’d be tempted to take it off and eat it.



 And finally, here is my big girl in her booster seat stuffing Puffs in her mouth as if she’s starving to death because I don’t feed her anything else. Drool and all. Sweet baby girl. 


Oh, and believe it or not, she’s saying “da-da” and “ma-ma” now. Or at least that’s what it sounds like. But then again, she also says things like “babbbaaaa”, “akkkwwwaaa” and “laaalllaaaaa”. This kid is gonna be brilliant I tell ya. Know how else I know this besides her extensive vocabulary? Because she can also eat her own foot.


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