day at the park

We spent the afternoon at the park. Sam loves going there. She's quite the observer; chilled out and just taking it all in. I call her my Zen Baby. Ask me if I still call her that when she's 2. Here's some pictures from our day...Sam loved the swings and apparently she likes it when... Continue Reading →

faking it

Today I spontaneously spewed out a long crazy post and then reread it. Um, yeah, soooooo not posting that. It was just a bit too personal or confessional, or cheesy, or something. But then I thought, why am I self-censoring yet again? This is my blog and I can put whatever I want here, right? And then another thought... Continue Reading →

so i’m a wuss

It would appear that I'm a big whiney baby. According to the x-rays there is nothing majorly wrong with my knees. Mr. Cutey Sports Medicine Doctor Man said that I probably have "somethin' somethin' blah blah blah" (a condition I obviously can't pronounce, much less spell) and that I need to go to physical therapy... Continue Reading →


I love Sesame Street. Even now. My favorite muppet is Grover. And Cookie Monster. I remember when nobody on Sesame Street would see Snuffleupagus except for Big Bird. This drove me batty! Frustrated the daylights outta me for real. We had a nice rainy day cook out today with some family. Sam was asleep for... Continue Reading →


Disclaimer. This was written a few days ago but I have so many drafts saved I decided to finish it and post away. End disclaimer. I'm feeling very "off" today for some reason. Out of kilter, out of sync, my aura is whacked, etc etc, blah blah blah. I can't even explain it to where... Continue Reading →


As I have no words in my brain right now, I am stealing someone else's. I was catching up on my blog reading at lunch and found this over at 'Coma's.  Made me feel all squishy and stuff. Go read it.


Hi ya'll. Sometimes I think I really should blog something or other and then I'll just be like "nah". I know some people read this to keep up with my exciting life that I don't otherwise talk to very often so I somehow feel like I'm holding out on them if I don't post about... Continue Reading →

inaugural mother’s day

Here's wishing a Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mom and all the other great mothers out there. Of course I think I have the greatest mom in the world and am not prejudiced at all in the matter. So there.  For the first time, I get to celebrate the day as a mom myself! And... Continue Reading →

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