quick report on zee big easy

I’d like to say that I’ve missed this blog but that’d be a big fat lie. I haven’t really felt the need to post anything until tonight. Things have been busy and this particular piece of my internet life has been pushed off the cliff and left for dead the last couple of weeks.

I’ve been in the Big Easy which was quite the experience I have to say. I’d never been before and it was pretty much as I expected. Crazy wild fun. I was at a conference and they tend to do things up right. They arranged to have a marching band lead us in a parade down Bourbon Street. And they didn’t halfass it either, the NOPD had all the streets blocked off along the route, there was a “king and queen”, beads, feather boas, people taking pictures from the sidelines and many parade/pagenant waves. It was the most random thing I’d ever seen.  Other than that, there was much beignet eating, voodoo doll shopping, balcony gawking, gumbo tasting and bead throwing and catching going on. There could have been a casino involved  somewhere in there but that might have been a nasty rumor that I heard too, one never knows for sure about such things.

I was so glad to get home to the family though. Honestly, I was afraid that Sam wouldn’t remember me and I’d have to start all over. Yes, I am a weirdo I know this. Hubs and Sam picked me up at the airport and the little booger was asleep! She slept all the way through dinner and all the way home until I got her out of the carseat and into her jammies. She finally acknowledged my existence with a groggy smile and proceeded to pass out once again until morning. But the next day I got what I was hoping for, big grins, outstretched arms and big kicks from baby girl. Sweet sweet. Oh, random…I got her the goofiest onesie at the N.O. airport. It’s an alligator’s body and where the alligator head would be, baby’s head will be instead. Hee hee. Someday I will not be able to torture my kid like this so I plan on enjoying it while I still can. End random…

Other than that, here’s what else has been going on lately, in a nutshell…work, new 5K goal, book club (which i never got around to posting about, bottom line – i hated The Shack), planning 10 year anniversary something or other, thinking about September vacation, rain, running, new monster lawn mower that I am somewhat skeered of and mass amounts of laundry, baby pee and poop.

And there ya have it.

3 thoughts on “quick report on zee big easy

  1. I haven’t been to N.O. in 20 years. I’d love to go again! And since it pleases you so much, if we ever meet I will outstretch my arms and give you big kicks! 🙂

  2. I have missed your blogs! good to see we agreed on “the shack” ugh. Great to have you back. 5k here we come!

  3. Amber – awesome! I’ll give you big kicks back and we’ll see what kind of reaction we get from onlookers. 🙂

    Danielle – “ugh” is right! Hey, have you mailed your 5K form in yet? I need to do that on Monday!

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