inaugural mother’s day

Here’s wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mom and all the other great mothers out there. Of course I think I have the greatest mom in the world and am not prejudiced at all in the matter. So there. 

For the first time, I get to celebrate the day as a mom myself! And I will be honest…this weirds me out big time. Its just so bizarre to think that I’m a mother. I mean, yeah, I’ve been one for several months now but that term, “mother” seems so loaded with connotations of responsibility and maturity and all this other stuff that I’m not sure I possess. But I guess I must. Somehow.

Now that I’m a mom I can better appreciate and relate to the things my own mother went through having and raising kids. At least up to the 9  month old point of the whole process. I wasn’t one of those little girls who dreamed of having “children of my own someday” and for the first several years of our marriage, hubs and I were not on that track and did not plan to be. But things change, priorities shift and biological clocks continue to tick tock. I don’t regret becoming a mom but I will be honest and say that it has changed everything in my life. Everything. Some of it for the better but honestly, not all of it. I’ve had a difficult time adjusting to it all. It’s still something I’m working on.

That said, I love Sam more than anything and will do everything in my power to make sure she knows that her whole life. She is a joy and a blessing in my life. I know this without a doubt. Some things are bigger than ourselves and more important than anything we have done before. Being a mother, in the fullest and best sense of the word, is one of those things.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Ugly Couch 


4 thoughts on “inaugural mother’s day

  1. Yes, Happy first Mother’s Day! Parenthood is indeed the hardest job, but with great rewards, of course. Still, I am always a little distressed when I see young married couples have a child that first year because I think they need to have a little freedom and get-to-know-you time before all that “hard labor” begins. It’s a long, lifetime job, with no letup. During an especially reflective time, I wrote a poem called “For This, We Had Children.” Most of the lines, which go from pregnancy to the child’s leaving were rather negative, for example (minus line breaks), “…To rush on tight, swollen ankles to wretch in toilets while our men, methodical, shave at sinks.” And, “To watch them leave us, their cars filled with clothes and lamps and bedding so they may pursue other loves and other lives.” Sorry about that. Someday, I’ll write a poem that has more positives. In that poem, I do , however, mention the baby’s fingers (yours, no doubt) “as delicate and pink as the Violet Wood Sorrel that clings to the banks of woodland creeks.” There is always guilt in mentioning parentings’ negatives and not making motherhood sound totally and traditionally idealistic. It’s not the truth, the whole truth, but you’re afraid your children will think you had regrets and afraid other women and parents will think you are a bad mother for not idealizing the whole process. See you soon!

  2. Hmmm…was that picture made right after I had to chastise you for cheating at Old Maids and comforted your bro when he tumbled off the couch?

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