a blip about perspective

I can’t remember if I posted this or something like it before or not (I think it was a quick line in my Twitter or Facebook status) and I’m too lazy to look back and see if I put it here too. And yes, obviously I am online too much.

People need to chill out. (Yeah, I know that expression is soooooo 2005 but I still like it. Just as I like using parenthesis in my posts.) Seriously they do though. It’s crazy how people’s perspectives get all out of whack, my own included. And what’s even more bizarre is how quickly we go back to a twisted point of view even after it’s been adjusted properly.

The other day I had a very stressful meeting where I was put on the spot and didn’t really have a good answer for the questions I was being asked. Bottom line, it sucked. I left the meeting feeling relieved that it was over but also bummed that it went so poorly. I was walking back to my car in a mental fog when I looked up and noticed a little boy being pushed in a stroller by his dad. This isn’t unusual for where I work but this kid was bald from chemo treatments and was obviously very sick. I had an epiphany (I always look for ways to use that word “epiphany” in something or other because its so fun to say, and you should too. But get your own word. Wow, I am digressing drastically. This is how my brain works people. Scary isn’t it?). So I’d just had a less than stellar meeting and had some awkward moments…big freakin’ deal…this kid and his family go through more in one second than I did in a crappy one hour meeting. It was an eye-opener.

It’s not like we don’t realize what things are really important or what we should emphasize more in our lives than others, but why do we forget it so quickly and get wigged out by minor silly things that don’t matter? I don’t get it. Humans are weird. Ever since that day a couple of weeks ago I keep thinking about that little boy and am trying not to forget what really matters.

I like this quote by Carlos Castaneda (and no, I had no idea who he was until just a minute ago so there’s some homework for ya if you’re bored)…

The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.  

– Carlos Castaneda


2 thoughts on “a blip about perspective

  1. I hear ya. It’s all about focus and perspective. But I disagree with Castaneda – focusing on the positive is a habit. It’s all too easy to let the little things needle at you. Sometimes I think I’ve got it licked and then I suddenly fall apart and I realize that little by little I lost perspective and have to grab it back.

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