Hi ya’ll. Sometimes I think I really should blog something or other and then I’ll just be like “nah”. I know some people read this to keep up with my exciting life that I don’t otherwise talk to very often so I somehow feel like I’m holding out on them if I don’t post about poopy diapers, crazy traffic or my lunch of doritos and a honey bun (this really happened today, long story, don’t bother asking). I was toying with the idea of going MIA here for a while but just can’t bring myself to make it official.

So here’s the latest…

I saw a movie in the theater for the first time since….um…can’t remember…Transformers, Harry Potter maybe? Hubs and I both had a day off at the same time (this NEVER happens) so we treated ourselves to a day at the movies and a nice breakfast AND lunch out. We saw Star Trek and it was great. I’m not a sci/fi trekkie sort of person so a lot of the characters and history were lost to me but I got the general idea. And who cared anyway ’cause Kirk was HAUT! And it just occurred to me that I’m a cheap date because we used a giftcard for both the movie and lunch. Hmmmm.

I have decided to start making more lists…(and to continue to use multiple ellipses when I write). I keep forgetting to do things. Like buy papertowels, mail the bills or bring my lunch. I need a personal assistant. That’d be great. Is it because I’m getting older? Have permanent mommy brain? Eh, who knows. It is what it is.

The Accountant has been on vacation this week and has gone on a home improvement rampage. When that boy gets motivated, he REALLY gets motivated. I’m talking ’bout renting bobcats and ditchwitches, digging drainage ditches, fixin’ stuff, mowing, climbing on the roof, painting, the whole nine (the exact opposite of what I would do on my vacation but we are opposites in so many ways). He’s also played Mr. Mom and taken over morning baby duty, bottle prepping, laundry, etc. I’m liking this.

Tomorrow I will attempt not to die as I participate in my first 5K in years with some very motivating and positive friends. I’m taking Sam and so will be pushing the 50 pound jogging stroller with a 20 pound baby in it so don’t expect to see me burning up the pavement. But I’m super excited to be doing it and hope it is the first of many this year. And wow, baby’s first 5K! That’s kinda cool.

Speaking of baby…Sam is doing great and just keeps developing her lil’ personality more and more every day. She’s a funny kid. In a good way. I love picking her up from day care and seeing her first thing in the morning because she is so excited to see me. I know all mom’s say this so go ahead and roll your eyes (I used to, it’s ok) but it really is amazing. One of my favorite things is when I pick her up from daycare to watch her for a few minutes before she realizes I’m there. It’s neat to watch how she interacts with the other kids and see how she acts in her own little world without me there to influence anything. Yeah, I know when she gets to be a teenager this will not be nearly as charming. Today I dropped her off with her teacher outside in the courtyard/play area and then I went back to the car to bring in her carseat. When I came back I saw her playing on a rocking horse all by herself, with her teacher nearby. She was rocking on that horse like it was the most wonderful thing she’d ever had the opportunity to do and she was screaming in delight. Pure joy, that little blue horse with the handles for ears. It was so stinkin’ cute I just stood at the window and watched her for a few minutes. Crazy kid’s gonna make her momma dissolve into a puddle of mush over and over again I can tell. Little stinker.

This working four days a week thing is wonderful, but I have to admit that it makes the workdays a bit more stressful because I have less time to get the same amount of work done. I am not complaining, just stating the facts. I’m trying to use it as an opportunity to hone my time management skills which have always sucked. So there’s that. I have brought work home a few nights to make things easier during the day. That seems to work, it’s just different for me. I’m super thankful to have a more flexible work schedule now and I think I’m a happier person in the office these days.

Monday Sam and I will make the drive to my parent’s for a visit and general hanging out. That will be tiring but great and I’m really looking forward to some family time.

Let’s see, what else….oh, next month is hubs and my ten year anniversary (gulp) and we’re recruiting grandma to babysit while we take a long weekend somewhere close by. And then zee beach is coming up in September. Sam’s first vacation and first ocean/beach experience! I wonder what she’ll do? Probably try to pee in the ocean and eat sand. It’s gonna be fun times ya’ll.


2 thoughts on “hola

  1. Just to make sure that I understand correctly…you will be running 5K? Is someone going to be chasing you? Durn. Good luck lady. I will take a nap in support of you.

  2. “running” would be a little too generous a term…i would say more like “shuffling” or “plodding along”…thanks for the nap of support… 🙂

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