Disclaimer. This was written a few days ago but I have so many drafts saved I decided to finish it and post away. End disclaimer.

I’m feeling very “off” today for some reason. Out of kilter, out of sync, my aura is whacked, etc etc, blah blah blah. I can’t even explain it to where it would make sense. Obviously. Eh. Just one of those days I guess. I’m sort of trudging around here being all introspective, needy and whiney.  And not to mention my distraction issues today…bright shiny thing syndrome. I don’t like myself like this. Snap out of it!

It’s definitely not the weather, as it is beautifully perfect out there today. I managed to crawl out of my cave to walk across the street to pick up lunch and did not want to come back at all. Well, I resisted more so than usual anyway.

Zee knees…I’m bummed about my knees. Ever since I had Sam, every time I run, or try to, my knees give me mad amounts of pain and scream at me things like “hey, old lady, you are too old for this crap, knock it off, get a golf cart” and things of that nature. After the 5K last weekend I took a few days off to try and appease the knees (yuk yuk) but last night my first attempt to run since the race was the most pathetic thing you’ve ever seen. Even my dog was looking at me and wondering why I’d even bothered to go out at all. So I’m not sure what to do about that. Go to the doc? Try new shoes? Become an ex-runner who never even really got started good? Again with the “eh”. I signed up for another race for Memorial Day and it looks like I’ll be walking it. Which is more than fine, its just that I’d hoped to beat my time from last weekend. Eh.

Here’s the part where I get all introspective and weird so if you’re not into that please go check out the LOL Cats or some such. They are darn funny. And not introspective at all.

I used to have a clear cut sense of things but I have decided that things are not black and white. They are multiple shades of gray with some purple and yellow thrown in just for the sake of variety. Even though I used to be one of them, I don’t get those people who have a definitive answer for every situation or question. Taking no thought of the context of the situation or any outside conditions or extenuating circumstances. Maybe having an answer that is non-debatable and is written in stone for every situation makes life easier for those people to handle. Maybe it uncomplicates things for them and they can then steamroll their way onto the next thing.

Ohhhhh, bright shiny thing….end post…

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