I love Sesame Street. Even now. My favorite muppet is Grover. And Cookie Monster. I remember when nobody on Sesame Street would see Snuffleupagus except for Big Bird. This drove me batty! Frustrated the daylights outta me for real.

We had a nice rainy day cook out today with some family. Sam was asleep for most of it but Grandpa got her up and had her join the party after lunch. I am discovering that she has to sit and observe new people and case out the situation before she opens up and interacts much.

5K tomorrow morning. Knees are still being ornery. We’ll see what happens but I seriously doubt there will be much running involved. We are going to keep plodding through and either go to the doc, get new shoes or something. I must run dangit!

No work tomorrow. Woohoo! And no work for me Friday either so I’m pumped about a super short week. I’m thinking about going to the movies by myself Friday. Always wanted to do that but never have. And maybe some shopping…

Need to use up an itunes giftcard and update the tunage on the shuffle. For some reason I can’t seem to get around to doing this. Am thinking tonight…

I’m reading The Jane Austen Book Club for ahem, book club. Haven’t gotten too far into it yet. Another thing on my list for tonight. Snuggling under my quilt with a book. And some popcorn.

Ohhhh, Oscar is now super pissed because people keep saying “good morning” to him…this is good stuff people.

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