because i’m tired and ooky

this will be one of those bullet point posts that i know you love so much.

5k on memorial day was super fun. was nearly late b/c i overslept and got lost. made it to registration to get my chip and bib with about 10 minutes before the gun went off. sheesh. won’t do that again. sam did great once again and we walked it due to my knees. our 5k crew is growing. i had a great new walking partner and we had a good pace and conversation going, sis #1 and bug beat her previous time and sis’s #2 and #3 did their first 5k together and were totally awesome. hugs to all my racin’ buds.

speaking of the granny knees, i have an appointment tomorrow morning with a sports medicine doctor who can hopefully help me out. but we shall see.

went to dinner tonight with my dear cousin and her mom who i haven’t seen in ages and ages. she just graduated from high school last week. i remember when she was born for crying out loud. i feel so old. she has grown into a wonderful beautiful smart lovely young woman. she has a doc appt tomorrow and i’m praying it goes well for her.

i’m thinking of changing blog templates again. because i’m getting bored with this one.

i’m off work friday and am thinking i’ll go see that ben stiller night at the museum movie. by myself. because i’ve always wanted to do that. and then maybe a nap. by myself as well.

ugh. i have a headache and am going to bed.

2 thoughts on “because i’m tired and ooky

  1. I think you did awesome! good luck at the dr and I’m working on shirts for team taylor.

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