so i’m a wuss

It would appear that I’m a big whiney baby.

According to the x-rays there is nothing majorly wrong with my knees. Mr. Cutey Sports Medicine Doctor Man said that I probably have “somethin’ somethin’ blah blah blah” (a condition I obviously can’t pronounce, much less spell) and that I need to go to physical therapy to strengthen the somethin’ somethin’ blah blah blah muscles and that should help the pain I’m having when running. So looks like I’ll be going to PT next week. I’m hoping they will just show me the exercises and I can do them at home. Is that how this PT thing works? I have no idea. I’ll go back to Mr. Cutey Sports Medicine Doctor Man in six weeks to see how its going. In the meantime I am free and clear to run if I can handle it.  

And so I’ll hit the road tonight and see what happens.

One thought on “so i’m a wuss

  1. you’re not wussy at all! I’m so proud of you for running and doing this crazy thing with us. I want to run someday… eventually.

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