boop ba da boop

The internet is boring me tonight and so I've decided to bore you instead. Then you can go to your own blog and write about how boring the internet is. I'm here for you people. I have a serious problem with unpacking bags from a trip. Sometimes I will return home and continue to live... Continue Reading →

this is kind of a big deal

Yesterday was The Accountant and my 10 year anniversary. As in we've been married for 10 years...hitched...ball and chain...Together with a capital T...till death do we part, etc. Heavy stuff. And just like when I turned 30, I had a slight mental freak out with this anniversary. I mean, TEN YEARS???? What????  Ten year anniversaries... Continue Reading →

let’s see…

First the good stuff...Happy Father's Day!!! We had a nice pre-Father's Day cookout with family yesterday. Sam was a charmer and showed off her crawling belly-scooting skilz. The 4th of July is near!!! I love that holiday. Because of the fireworks and food but also because it means a day off of work so that... Continue Reading →


Or not. I forgot to mention that Sam (and I) had a great visit from Papa and Grandma on Monday. I was a bit worried it was going to be a screamfest because, well, Sunday kind of was. But Sam must have got all that ornery-ness (is that a word?) out of her system because she was... Continue Reading →

checking in

One day I will write something of substance instead of these little updates on my boring life. But for now, that's what you get. And besides, my mom likes them. Right mom? Right? It's hailed like crazy here tonight and funnel clouds seemed to be over the place.  A real "gulley washer". All is well... Continue Reading →

doo da doo da

you would think i'd learn but i never do. every morning i wish i'd gone to bed earlier the night before and yet, here i sit. it's past 10 (yeah i'm old, deal) and sam has been asleep for a couple of hours. i'm tired but don't want to go to bed. i'm also whining... Continue Reading →

there is no title for this

some people live in a box. they just do. a mental one but a box nonetheless. get out of it people! there are other ideas, values, thoughts, ways of doing things, perspectives, than what you see from within your cardboard brown walls. boredom is not an excuse to be stupid. maybe. sometimes you have to... Continue Reading →


My throat hurts y'all. Bad. Went to the walk-in clinic today and got a z-pack. Hoping it kicks in soon. Here's a lesson for ya...if there are 3 chairs side by side, don't sit in the middle one because you are more likely to have someone sit down right next to you sooner than if... Continue Reading →

hello Sunday

Looks like another gorgeous day, as was yesterday. I haven't been able to enjoy it all that much since I've come down with a vicious sore throat that is progressing to a full blown summer cold. Fun times. We get sick a lot more now that we have a kid in daycare. Nice germy place... Continue Reading →

more spurts from my brain

I'm kinda diggin' these random short posts. I don't have to think much and just kinda plant my fingers on the keyboard and what comes out is what you get. So I just had to look up how to spell "spurt". I mean, it coulda been "spirt" or "spert" right? The English language is messed up.... Continue Reading →

just a few lil’ things

I was reminded by a post over at Chez Bez's place how cute I think The Accountant is when he shaves his head and grows his goatee. I'd post a picture but he hates that so I'll just embarrass him with words only. And maybe "cute" isn't the right word. More like sexy haut. Ok,... Continue Reading →

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