this is kind of a big deal

Yesterday was The Accountant and my 10 year anniversary. As in we’ve been married for 10 years…hitched…ball and chain…Together with a capital T…till death do we part, etc. Heavy stuff. And just like when I turned 30, I had a slight mental freak out with this anniversary. I mean, TEN YEARS???? What????  Ten year anniversaries are for 40+ year olds right? Not 30-somethings. Obviously I … Continue reading this is kind of a big deal

because its 1:00 am, I am old, & this is my blog

for those reasons above, i am going to squint bleary-eyed into a much too bright computer screen and complain for a few minutes. obligatory disclaimers and qualifiers: yes yes i know some people have real problems. so if you’re so concerned about them, by all means, stop reading this whiney drivel and go read about them or donate money or save the whales or some such. … Continue reading because its 1:00 am, I am old, & this is my blog


Or not. I forgot to mention that Sam (and I) had a great visit from Papa and Grandma on Monday. I was a bit worried it was going to be a screamfest because, well, Sunday kind of was. But Sam must have got all that ornery-ness (is that a word?) out of her system because she was an angel for Papa/Grandma. Will this be a theme I … Continue reading picasso?

checking in

One day I will write something of substance instead of these little updates on my boring life. But for now, that’s what you get. And besides, my mom likes them. Right mom? Right? It’s hailed like crazy here tonight and funnel clouds seemed to be over the place.  A real “gulley washer”. All is well though. Sam slept through it all. What is the deal … Continue reading checking in

there is no title for this

some people live in a box. they just do. a mental one but a box nonetheless. get out of it people! there are other ideas, values, thoughts, ways of doing things, perspectives, than what you see from within your cardboard brown walls. boredom is not an excuse to be stupid. maybe. sometimes you have to be stupid to learn anything but if you already know … Continue reading there is no title for this


My throat hurts y’all. Bad. Went to the walk-in clinic today and got a z-pack. Hoping it kicks in soon. Here’s a lesson for ya…if there are 3 chairs side by side, don’t sit in the middle one because you are more likely to have someone sit down right next to you sooner than if you sat in one of the aisle seats. I’m weird … Continue reading ow

random thoughts of the day…so far

i really need to update my ipod…burned out on maroon 5, pearl jam and nirvana, oh and one random matt nathanson song plus a dash of janet jackson…random much? they actually are serious about the physical part of physical therapy. next time please don’t wear flip flops you moron. but at least i got a mini-workout in the middle of the day. yoga is gonna … Continue reading random thoughts of the day…so far