just a few lil’ things

  • I was reminded by a post over at Chez Bez’s place how cute I think The Accountant is when he shaves his head and grows his goatee. I’d post a picture but he hates that so I’ll just embarrass him with words only. And maybe “cute” isn’t the right word. More like sexy haut. Ok, so that’s two words. Sue me.
  • I really am old, creaky and falling apart as I have been summoned to physical therapy TWICE a week instead of just once. In addition to exercises at home. But I’m still a’truckin’ along with my walking/jogging self. Go me.
  • I love sentence fragments. And starting sentences with “and” or “but”. And ending sentences with prepositions. And writing just like I talk y’all. The grammar police hate me. I just think they need to chill. Live a little. Fer cryin’ out loud.
  • I met with a trainer today at the gym. Official weight training plan is in place, now to just get my butt there a few times a week to get all buff and supermodel-like. Da beach will be here before you know it. There is a post somewhere in my brain about my gym phobia. Stay tuned.
  • I will be attending a land dedication somewhere in the boonies this weekend. I’ve never actually been to a land dedication before and have no earthly (yuk yuk) idea what this entails but I will let you know. It will be new and different and I am all about that.

2 thoughts on “just a few lil’ things

  1. I’m glad I could help with the reminder. As for my wife, she hates the shaved head thing. Oh well. 🙂

    An English teacher once told me that you are only allowed to break the rules once you prove that you know the rules. And with that in mind, I start sentences however I like.

    Good luck on the supermodel stuff. It’s fun to set and reach goals like that.

  2. whoohoo to the supermodel stuff and the working out. idk about shaved heads… so I’m glad you’re in the world and can pick up on that. lol

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