random thoughts of the day…so far

i really need to update my ipod…burned out on maroon 5, pearl jam and nirvana, oh and one random matt nathanson song plus a dash of janet jackson…random much?

they actually are serious about the physical part of physical therapy. next time please don’t wear flip flops you moron. but at least i got a mini-workout in the middle of the day. yoga is gonna be sweet after work today. (that was “yoga”, not “yogurt”)

but speaking of yogurt, sam ate some yesterday! and then oranges today! and some bites of a roll! she opened her mouth to take bites even! and she rolled from tummy to back! it was glorious! angels sang and stuff! so they tell me from day care. but i’m sure it was grand. i miss a lot of the good stuff with this job thing i’ve got goin’.

there are two boxes of goo goo clusters in my office…they are there for a work related reason i swear to you. but….i am in a very desperate state of need…for some chocolate…right now…but i’m not especially fond of goo goos really…so is it worth it?…and i am flat broke and only have like 20 cents…see my dilemma here?…it is a quandry i tell you…i mean, i could walk across the street to the exxon where they take plastic…but would that be pathetic?..yeah…

some people i know are so uptight that i don’t see how they even function. i mean really? have a glass of wine, go skydiving, get laid, take a xanax, something! wow.


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