more spurts from my brain

I’m kinda diggin’ these random short posts. I don’t have to think much and just kinda plant my fingers on the keyboard and what comes out is what you get.

So I just had to look up how to spell “spurt“. I mean, it coulda been “spirt” or “spert” right? The English language is messed up.  So many options and not many of them make any logical sense! Although I’m not a logical person so this shouldn’t bother me.  I think some random guy a long time ago with too much time on his hands just sat around making up spelling and grammar rules for the heck of it.

Dreams are weird ain’t they? Last night I know I had a bizarre messed up dream but I can’t remember the specifics, I just know it was weird. And it may come to me later who knows. I think my parents were in it though. We were in the gymnasium at my high school. Mopping the floors??? What?

I think I’m getting a sore throat. You know how your throat feels a teeny bit scratchy and just “there” when you swallow? I mean, who notices their throat unless it’s sore right? Is that weird? Yeah ok. Anyway, I am refusing to acknowledge the scratchiness. It does not exist. It is a figment of my imagination.

I feel sorry for boys, guys, males, dudes, you know – the weaker sex. I mean, us wimmins are crazy lunatics ain’t we?!?! I have my reasons for saying this but it’s too complicated to go into. Oh wow, see what I mean??? Crazy I tell you!!!

I want to be on House Hunters International. But I want to pick a new house or flat in a fabulous new location every six months or so. First I’ll go to Paris (France), then maybe Switzerland, then Barcelona, then maybe Amsterdam…I would be so great on that show. I mean really, what horrible dilemmas those poor people face on every episode. Do I pick the flat with the view of the Eiffel Tower or the view of the Seine? Do I choose the villa with the rose garden or the cabin in the Alps? <<tries to beat green eyed monster off with random Lonely Planet guidebook>>


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