hello Sunday

Looks like another gorgeous day, as was yesterday. I haven’t been able to enjoy it all that much since I’ve come down with a vicious sore throat that is progressing to a full blown summer cold. Fun times. We get sick a lot more now that we have a kid in daycare. Nice germy place that daycare. So anyway, I’m feeling miserable and ooky this weekend.

I really want to get out of the house and go somewhere, do something, but just haven’t felt like expending the energy it would take to get out of my jammies, tame  my wild hair and go. I think I probably should just for my mental well-being though. I’ve had this trapped feeling the last few days. I guess it’s just because I’m sick (as is hubs) but unlike pre-kid days, I can’t just stay in bed and wallow all day. Sam still needs the same amount of care and attention whether I’m sick or not. 

Griefers, Sam is in her swing right now screaming this high pitched eardrum bursting scream just because. I think I’m going to start doing that at work just because. Ok, screams are now wails. Time to go. Save me.

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